Since the day she started her blog, I’ve loved Ree @ Confessions of a Pioneer Woman.  Though the face of her blog and the amount of readers she has, has changed drastically since way back then (for a while there her commenters were a cozy little group of about 10!  How quickly that changed!) she herself has not really changed.  She is just as funny as ever.  She’s also just as genuinely nice as ever.  She’s a down to earth, real live, hysterical woman with whom I share many interests and loves… love for four dear children, love for good food, love for photography, love for our Suburbans and love for Photoshop.  I don’t so much have a passion for chaps the way she does… I prefer a hot Theologian myself.   And unlike Ree, I hate sea food and wine of any kind… except tuna from a can and wine coolers.  Seriously, when it comes to sea food and wine I am about as uncultured a swine as you’ll ever find.  Really.

Anywhoo, so today Ree released a set of free Photoshop Actions (Reeactions?) and while I really prefer to play around in Photoshop without the help of Actions, Actions can be a really nice, quick way to zip up a picture.  They are great for making quick work if you ever are in a hurry when you are editing your photos and they are great tools from which to learn new techniques.

So I decided to share a picture with some of the actions that she released today applied to it.

I started with this photo in which I thought my boy’s eyes were especially dazzling.

Beyes March 08

This is with Ree’s Soft and Beautiful Action applied.

Beyes PW soft and beautiful action

This is with the Soft and Beautiful + her Lovely and Ethereal Action + the Boost Action applied.

beyes PW s&b & L&E

Here it is with her B&W Beauty Action applied to it…

beyes PW B&W beauty

And lastly (she has more actions than these but these are all I used on this image) here it is with the Soft and Faded Action.

beyes PW soft and faded action

I love black and white so I am always drawn to those but I do like some of the changes in the color one as well.  Great work Ree, and I look forward to playing with these actions and more importantly, learning how to accomplish all of these things on my own!

7 thoughts on “Ree's Actions

  1. ROFL Jenni! You are too funny! :^D Someday I hope our family can go to Ree’s Ranch and do the whole working Ranch thing and stay at her Bed and Breakfast (or whatever the lodge project is going to be) and then I’ll maybe get to have those images that are now swirling in your imagination permanently seared into my cerebellum! ;^P

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