the mice are sad. I put The Pastor on an airplane headed toward his Mom, Dad and brother (in the Southern U.S.) just this afternoon. I already miss him. I really really hate it when he travels. I’m sure part of that is due to the fact that I absolutely abhor flying… I absolutely hate climbing on board an airplane and only slightly less upsetting to my internal organs and intestinal solicitude is the act of putting someone whom I love to the depths of the earth and the ends of the ocean onto one. Of course he is travelling for an entirely worthy cause and I would never ever wish him not to be with his Mom at this time, but I miss him all the same. Please pray for his safe travels, strength, timely arrival and special time with his family… and his safe return to us… and for me as I hold down the fort and possibly have to comfort my boys if their Grandma indeed goes to be with Jesus.

The last news we received was that there has been almost no change in her condition… We just don’t know yet what is going to happen . We do know that they have had a very hard time keeping fluid from accumulating in her lungs…. Please pray that if she is going to pass, her suffering will not be prolonged. We will be thrilled if she is able to come back from this terrible blow but the odds are stacked against her. Right now we really just don’t want her to suffer greatly or for long, no matter what happens.

I guess while the cat’s away the mice also will play because whenever The Pastor is gone I find myself wasting inordinate amounts of time doing inane things on the internet when nothing else requires my attention. (I did mention that I don’t watch t.v. anymore didn’t I?) I found this “Where have you been” Google trip adviser map thingy on Facebook and I think I may have actually flagged just about every city I’ve ever so much as driven through or past right by.  But it looks much more crowded on this tiny map than it does when the map is enlarged… I have not in fact been all over the entire west and midwest… as much as we’ve driven, we’ve yet to cover *that* much ground!

While the cat’s away the mice also tend to go on cleaning binges to keep their mind off of his absence (Did I mention that in this story, the mice really really like the cat?) Fortunately I have enough laundry to catch up on that I may not have to get terribly creative with my angst. And the mice, for some reason, tend to bake things more than usual too. Comfort food?Happily the cat has Skype and so do the mice and they both have iCams on their computers so the cat and mice should be able to connect several times throughout the week and make sad faces through the internet at each other and tell each other how much they miss each other.

If you are praying for our family, thank you! Please keep praying. Many thanks to all of you for your support and encouragement and prayers.

What are your thoughts?

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