That The Pastor is home safe and sound and was greeted with many hugs and kisses and “Never leave us agains.” I am finally getting my voice back and starting to feel human enough again to attack the many daily duties that were left relatively untouched over the last several days. Mount Laundry is calling my name, my vacuum cleaner (which was thankfully fixed just before The Pastor left) is just waiting for me to clear the living room floor of debris so it can get to work and well, the kitchen counters are singing my praises because I gave them a much needed thorough cleansing this morning. Life is returning to the Lunchbox and it feels great.

We have decided, in view of my Mother in law’s condition, to cancel our much awaited trip to California in order that the kids might be able to see her perhaps for the last time. This was not a super easy choice as we’ve all been eagerly looking forward to California and being with family there — I have a new niece or nephew on the way and was anxious to meet him or her. But I do know it’s the right choice and it will be good to be with them. So we will be heading down South and praying for no tornadoes or torrential downpours (like last time) during our drive there and back! We look forward to visiting family and friends along the way… that is one thing that always makes long road trips more enjoyable — warm welcomes and good times with friends and family!

We might take two different routes going and coming back. We are thinking of going through South Dakota on the way down so that we might see my Aunt and Uncle (they don’t know this yet!) and then coming back up through Colorado and Wyoming just so we can drive through that gorgeous part of the country. And we are considering a detour so that we can spend a day or two at Yellowstone National Park. We’ll probably be going in late May and heading back in mid-June.

Are you on our route? Maybe we could do lunch or dinner?


We might take this route….

Picture 12


Or we might take this one… Not sure yet:

Picture 13

Coming Back, this is the route Google maps actually suggests but we want to take the other route on the way down at least so we can maybe stay with family in certain towns that are on that route.:

Picture 11

But I think we may take this route as we’ve always wanted to visit Yellowstone National Park:

Picture 27

As long of a drive as this is, we love seeing the country. While we do live in Canada, we are Americans and driving across the country in this way makes us feel more connected to the beautiful land whose name we wear by way of citizenship. My camera is excited about the pictures it’s going to get to take along the way!

P.S. Is anyone else having a full on blizzard today? Or is it just up way up here in the Frozen North? It’s supposed to be like this ALL week!!

24 thoughts on “I'm happy to report…

  1. That last map looks like it has you going through Cody, WY into the Park. My husband grew up there! He had a paper route through the Park. Hope you have loads of fun and I’m looking forward to your pictures. πŸ™‚

  2. Ahhh, what a wonderful opportunity to see some of the country! I can’t wait to see all the pictures you take! And if you go a little further east before you head south you could stop in Michigan. πŸ˜‰

    Laura’s last blog post..I am ready

    Are you truly going to be six hours away?????
    This is almost too much for me to handle. I will drive the 6 hours to see you if that might fit in to your visit. I am NOT kidding. Tell me when & where. I am NOT kidding. Did I already say that?
    Glad that your hubs made it back safely. I still read your blog all the time, even though I haven’t an ounce of creativity left in my head to blog on my own site!
    Love and miss you and maybe….see you soon!!!???!!!

  4. Ummm…I’m in Peru. I think that might be a little out of the way, but I guess you already knew that. But maybe something else will work out…;)
    And we are not having a blizzard – not even a sandstorm.
    Tell Shawn hey and give each other a hug from us.

  5. Glad to hear hubby is HOME! How exciting for a road trip. We are taking one too to CO, end of May as well. That would be neat if we saw each other on the road. LOL. Glad to hear your mil is some what improving, God willing.

  6. too bad the timing is wrong. i am in KC/MO right now! We will be in Searcy, AR in about 2 weeks from now. so close, yet so far. you MUST do yellowstone. we did it last summer and there is nothing like it…our children still talk almost daily about the geysers or the elk or the bison, etc….

    leah belle’s last blog post..Hairscapade!

  7. Are you sure you can’t swing by NW Connecticut on your trip? Just an extra day or two of driving one way..that’s Wish you guys could come and visit. You could stop here and then on your way back stop in Hershey, PA at Hershey Park! Did someone say CHOCOLATE!

    I also love that new photo of you in your profile. πŸ™‚ Hugs!

    Glad the Pastor made it home safely and that you are feeling better.

    Greta’s last blog post..Undies Da Da!

  8. The last route, the one to Yellowstone, takes you through the fabulous Wind River canyon in Wyoming. That middle section of Wyoming, from Casper to Shoshone can be a bit tedious, but from Shoshone north is beautiful. Yellowstone is close to home for me, hope you enjoy the trip.

    Chill’s last blog post..Now I Need Ham

  9. We know this is a tough time for all families involved. We pray for your safety during the trip.

    The Thomas Family

  10. I’d love to visit all of you!! Some of our days are going to be so long as it is, I suppose we’ll be lucky if we actually stop for lunch!

    Thanks for all the thoughts on the places we will be driving through. I welcome any and all tips and “things to see” recommendations. We may not be able to do them all but we are going to make the drive home as vacationy as possible by making sure we stop at at least a few points of interest.

  11. Yellowstone is a must! We made a trip there one summer with our 4 kids and loved it….the Tetons are close by and are fabulous too. Glacier National park in Montana is nice but looks like you might live close to it. And if you go through South Dakota, you could go through the Badlands and Mt Rushmore, fun place! All will be great for pictures.
    Looks like you’re going to Little Rock area? Almost to my neck of the woods, MS!

  12. Hi!

    I saw your comment on Pioneer Woman and had to visit. (you mentioned snow…I had to share my misery! lol) I’m in MT a bit South of you (Sunburst, right off 15–and really, I probably shouldn’t put that out there in internet land, you know, in case of stalkers–BUT SERIOUSLY if someone is going to take the time and effort to stalk me in the middle of nowhere, I am probably going to offer them a cup of coffee-just for the human interaction. :D)

    Anyway-yes, snowy snow mcsnow snow today & tomorrow. πŸ˜€

    Having just moved up here in Sept & about to do a temporary move back to New Mexico we have covered some of your route. Someone mentioned Glacier National Park–it IS beautiful’s about an hour West of me-so not exactly ON your route, but doable. Yellowstone-that is totally one of our destinations (probably on our way back down to New Mexico at the end of May) If you have the time…I would do the route that involved Colorado. Wyoming was pretty in it’s own way-but it is for the most part very desolate (or was to me)…Colorado however. OH MY STARS…we followed the Rockies and I was just in awe of the beauty (we drove from Brownsville, TX to Sunburst MT …so we covered a lot of ground last Sept.) Also in Colorado Springs-Focus on The Family has a fabulous campus with a while kid themed play ‘town’ based on their adventures in Odessey.

    Anyway, I hope yall have a safe and blessed trip & that your snow melts soon. πŸ™‚

    /stalking LOL

  13. Oh man Cheri, you’re making me want to re-route again!!! How dare you! ;^P I honestly wish we could see more of Colorado but we would have to already lengthen our trip longer than we already have which would be a lot more expensive (I live in constant fear of gas prices and hotel prices now…. they make me twitch.) (Oh and I had to LOL about the stalkers!)

    I think we’ll probably have to make Glacier National Park a destination in itself another time, especially considering how close we live to it. As it is we are not going to be able to do Justice to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons as we, due to time constraints, pretty much get to spend just a day and a half in Yellowstone. I’m bummed we can’t spend more time there but as I said, time constraints, gas and hotel prices dictate. Still… we don’t live SO far from Yellowstone so if we get there and decide that we absolutely must come back another time, it won’t be such a horrible drive to do it another year. :^D

    And wow! I had forgotten where Sunburst is but we’ll be slowing down right about there to stop at the border! ;^) We’ll be sure to wave at your house (since you probably won’t be there! LOL) on our way through!

  14. Hi Dana! I had forgotten how close Memphis is to Little Rock. (We’ve driven that route once but it was the week after 9/11 because our flights were cancelled and there were 7 of us in a mini-van so a lot of it is a blur! LOL) Still, 2 hours would be a long drive for a lunch date or something. I would feel guilty!! We are going to be in Little Rock for about 5 days I think… It’s possible that we could do a lunch meet up but then again, I have to be really careful to make sure we spend as much time with Grandma and Grandpa as possible since that is why we are going.

  15. Nan,
    If you come down thru South Dakota and thru Iowa, u will be right by me :o)
    That would be so cool to meet someone from the WTM boards..
    I will have to keep an eye on which route you choose :o)

    Kristy’s last blog post..Missing Socks

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