What? You think I’m delusional? You’re right actually. It never snows this much at Christmas time here.

You think, “Lady, c’mon. It’s spring time. The only pretty ring time. Birds sing… a ding-a-ling-a-ling. Sweet lovers love.” Not so fast Buster. This is Canada! April is also known as, “What the heck time of year is it again?”

through diamond window

snowy window

deck table

You know we actually still BBQ in weather like this sometimes. It takes a little longer but sometimes you just gotta have something from the grill no matter what the weather is doing.

deck BBQ

It is downright frigid out there which really is unusual at this time of year. While it’s not uncommon for us to get two or three big snowfalls in April, they tend to be “warm” snowfalls, meaning the temperature is hovering right around freezing and things quickly warm up and melt and all is once again right with the world.

Right now though, I must confess, it feels like January out there. And that is unusual.  They say it might do this for something like the next week, with a possible break on Wednesday.  Do you still want to move here? Gosh I hope so. (Just keepin’ it real folks.) It’s great for sledding once the wind stops whipping. And it is biting out there. I am booking a flight to Hawaii as we speak. Not really, but man I’d take one if offered I think and that’s saying a lot because I’d rather eat rotten sushi than get on an airplane.

That’s our neighbor’s car.

snowy van

And that’s our other neighbor’s patio table.

neighbors table

And that’s our other neighbor’s truck.

street truck

And those are our other neighbor’s trees. (We have a lot of neighbors.)

back neighbors tree

Here is Bruce asking some very existential questions as he feels his paw pads freezing to the deck.

Bruce on deck

And behold, the woman took out of her closet something that she thought she might not see for another 6 months. Verily I say unto you, she pulled out her slippers that are like sleeping bags for her feet. And she smote them. And then she placed them upon her feet. And behold she loved them and repented for smiting them.

my slippers

And behold she stepped into the snow in her little sleeping bags for her feet and she did wonder about global warming… for just a moment.

slipper in snow

The end.

11 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to all!!!

  1. Thanks for voicing my thoughts on this white stuff! Here it is Sunday morning and I’m skipping church, I looked ouside at that snow and cold and my soul just recoiled. I guess being the Pastor’s wife, you might have to think of a better excuse than I did. At least you get to plan a vacation: California, Arkansas, either way, it’s warm! I have family in sunny Orlando, WHY DO I STILL LIVE HERE?

    Helen’s last blog post..Conditionally bought!

  2. These photos make me laugh. But I really do like them, especially the first one. Our cars were literlly buried this winter but right now our lawn is bare. It’s still not overly warm but we were outside most of the day today. However, I guess it’s still not nice to see someone else suffering!! Don’t worry it’ll melt as soon as the sun comes out, no biggy really.

    charla’s last blog post..Not Quite There

  3. Are you kidding me?!?!?! BOOOO!!!!! That really stinks, I am SO very sorry, living in the North, although not as far North as you , I do know that snow in April, STINKS like dog poo! I wish for a warm up SOOOONNNN!!!!!

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