I am sorry for all of the picture posts lately (that is if you don’t so much like seeing a bazillion pictures of the same things over and over… my kids, snow, my kids, snow, my kids, snow… etc…) but there’s just not a lot happening right now other than my kids and snow.  My brain is fried this morning as our re-entry into school after everyone being sick and exhausted has been a bit turbulent.  I so hate turbulence in all things… flying and life.  But at least in life it produces some sort of good usually.  Unlike flying where it just produces vomit and sweaty palms.

So because I’d rather not bore you to tears with how long it took my son and I to read through one short Phonics book or how it’s really hard to keep a two year old from invading the bathroom and trying to eat the tooth-paste when you are repeating the same digraph over and over or re-re-reminding someone of how to figure out a certain kind of math problem while all 1,700 (Oh… I just have 4?  It sounded like 1,700) of my children are crying and gnashing their teeth as if I they have Atilla the Hun for a mother.

No, I will not bore you with that!!  Instead I will tell you how much cropping has changed my life… or at least my pictures.



snowT3 eye pop


snowT3 close crop eye pop

And again…


snowT2 eye pop


snowT2 close crop eye pop




SnowTr1 close crop

And finally…




snowTr4 close crop

There… trust me… that was a lot less painful than hearing the tales of woe and despair and agony that come from getting back into a “groove” after being on the fritz for a while.

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