Maybe I’ve mentioned before what kind of resilient people live in Calgary.  They are the kind who are determined and bent on doing the things they love to do come hell or high water… or snow storms in April.

Click the following link to see what we watched out our window as we ate dinner tonight.  (Apologies for how bumpy it is… I was turning around to listen and talk to people…)

3 thoughts on “Springtime in Calgary

  1. That is so funny! 🙂 True determination alright!

    I just posted some spring tulip pictures that I thought you might enjoy, seeing that you are covered in snow! I don’t know how you stand it Nan! I complain all the time about the weather here in the Northwest! I soooo miss that California sunshine! But then I visit The Lunchbox, and well…what can I say!

    Oh yes…unfortunately my DD Sarah will just have to suffice with loving on the neighbor’s kitty, as my DH is VERY allergic! Sad that we can’t have any pets due to that fact. His asthma has been much worse since we moved up here too and we are not sure why. But Sarah does LOVE that cat, so I am happy that she can enjoy a good visit with her now and then.

  2. What was that big thing in the background that looked like it came out of someone’s chimney?! …or was I just supposed to see snow?!

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