I am not often political here at my blog. I guess I try to avoid it because… well, I like people more than I like politics so I don’t like to alienate those with whom I likely disagree. My blog is my happy place and I don’t like it to be un-funny or un-fun or depressing or worst of all, ugly… that and I don’t have any really strong political affiliations for once in my life. Plus, I’ve decided that if anything goes really nutty in the U.S., I am just going to pack up and move to Canada.

Oh wait. I already did. Phew! Dodged any possible bullet with that maneuver! (Disclaimer: We did not really move to Canada for political reasons. We moved here for geopolitical reasons, because we liked the shape of Alberta on a geopolitical map. That and we liked the weather. Okay?)

In this unfamiliar wasteland of apathy that I find myself in, I have decided my only defense mechanism is to make light of something that is truly very serious, I have come up with the following list… And I tried to be an equal opportunity offender. And if you ask who I am voting for and why, I will tell you the actual and complete truth: I HAVE NO IDEA and for all I know I may just go with the words of a Peruvian I was told of, “Enjoy your right to not vote. Not everyone has that right!”

So without further ado, I give you…

reasons not to vote




















Pres. Mickey

10 thoughts on “How not to choose your candidate…

  1. Thanks Angie! I had way too much fun putting it together, as you can probably imagine… Got a wee bit carried away. LOL

    It’s great to have you here! :^D

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