I grew up in California. I remember when I would meet people from other states when I was a kid. Sometimes they would ask really dumb questions like, “Do you see stars where ever you go?” and “Do you surf?” (Because everyone in California must live 1.2 cm. from a surf-worthy beach.) Unless the stars in the sky were what they were referring to and unless they were referring to channel surfing, I can assure you, neither of those things were true. I lived a fairly humdrum life in the East Bay Area (SF) in California.

I really do like being mostly average. Truly, I do. We regular folks don’t have to fend off the paparazzi or owe the world an explanation each time we want to eat a bag of potato chips or get a face lift. Ya know? That’s very freeing, isn’t it? There is, however, this burden that comes with a life of unvariable regularity and that burden is not (ironically) the lack of stool softeners in our lives. It’s the weightless burden of having no real claims to fame. (It’s weightless because how can the lack of something be heavy?) SO since I, like so many of you regular folks out there, have no legitimate claims to fame I must pride myself on the ugly cousins of Claim to Fame, and that would be Lame Claims to Fame.

Here is my list not in order of unimportance nor, I might add, in disorder of importance (just to be perfectly clear.) One of these little numbers is not true though (just because I like to toy with you.) Which one do you think is not true?

  • I once ate lunch with The Newsboys (I’m sure they remember it well. HA.) in high school.
  • Was hugged by the guys from DC Talk (Did I mention that these were really lame claims to fame?) also in high school.
  • I have an online acquaintance who has a very very famous neighbor.
  • While on a mission trip to Los Angeles (ummm… also while in high school) during which we had to spend an evening walking up and talking to perfect strangers on Hollywood Blvd. (most of whom were not entirely lucid, I might add) I accidentally stepped on David Hasselhoff’s toe, made a complete jerk out of myself and had to apologize profusely.
  • I met President George Bush Sr., Barbara Bush and their dog along with Mikhail Gorbachev and his daughter purely by accident when we happened to be touring his presidential library one day in College Station, TX. President GHW Bush walked right up to me, shook my hand, put his hand on my then 15 month old son’s arm and said, “What a fine boy!” Unfortunately as their arrival was unannounced, we were clueless and therefore have no picture to commemorate the experience.
  • When I was small my Dad took my brother and me to meet my then favorite baseball player, Rickey Henderson, when he was playing for the A’s.
  • I met the real live versions of Nemo and Dori while touring Pixar with a friend that works there as an animator.
  • Had the pleasure of meeting Derek Webb (of Caedmon’s Call) and his lovely wife Sandra Mc Cracken.
  • Met the guys from Jars of Clay who happened to be doing the exact same thing that we were doing after their concert, which was going to hear the tail end of the Switchfoot concert that was happening just down the hall!
  • I was on the news once in my Senior year of high school for protesting (it was a one day thing that we mostly did because we were bored and we thought we would get some attention I think so I don’t know that it was really very much of a protest!) the month-long teacher’s strike that was going on because we were obviously nerds and… well, we were bored and wanted to go back to school (and didn’t want our graduation to be delayed.)

Okay, so those are all of the lame claims to fame that I can think of.

What are your lame (or not so lame) claims to fame?


(And here are the Etceteras that I mentioned in my post title…)


Tonight after dinner we were doing our family Bible reading. (Please don’t think of this is a long formal event… we usually just sit and talk about a short passage of scripture as the kids are finishing up with their dinner… and half the time we get taken on many tangents!) We’ve all been memorizing passages of scripture together for the past couple of months, from the little ones on up to the grown ups. It’s a family project. Right now we are working on Psalm 1. Well, tonight I think the toddler almost broke the cute-0-meter when asked if he wanted to try and say it, he said, “Bwessed is a man who walk wicked, or sit chair of scoffews.”

After we say the verses together we pray. Anyone can pray. Our toddler always wants to pray. Tonight he had just finished his choppy cute little version of the verse and then wanted to pray. “Dear God. Pway God. Pway. Sinnews. Gwamma. Sinnews. Gwamma. Jesus. Sinnews. Gwamma. Jesus Men Amen.”


This morning I was giddy when I discovered that my little corner of Blogland was linked by esv.org today? What a fun little surprise that was. Thanks ESV blog!


A questionHow on earth does one keep a determined two year old off of his brothers’ bunk beds? This child has been voted Most Likely to be Caught Scaling the Walls of the Empire State Building Naked Before his 3rd Birthday. He is a wild monkey of a climber and I can’t figure out how to keep him from doing things that could lead to serious head injuries or bodily harm without keeping him with me on a very short leash all. of. the. time. And… well, I never use leashes on my kids. ???


And lastly, isn’t it nice when they start grooming themselves? (Excuse myself in the background there… he was oblivious to me and I am too tired to photoshop myself out! LOL Also excuse how messy their bathroom mirror is. YIKES! Who made up this whole “Keepin’ it real” thing anyways? Sheesh!)








19 thoughts on “Lame Claims to Fame and some Etceteras

  1. Goodness. I can’t even think of that many lame things. I’ve only got two so far:

    – I actually had Waffle House with Derek Webb long before he was ever married
    – Last summer I made birthday invitations for Matt Morginski’s daughter (he was the lead singer for the Supertones).

    That’s all I’ve got. I guess it’s cause I didn’t grow up in Cali.:)

    Crystal’s last blog post..Yearbook

  2. I used to work in a Night club In Minneapolis when I was 18. I meet alot of Rockers Persay. I meet David Lee Rothe, Ronnie James Dio, All the guys from Quiet Roit, Babes in toyland,
    But I will have to say was at the state fair one year I met Kevin Sorbo. He lifted my daughter in her stroller to help clear a path down some stairs.
    Thats the best I can do.

    Sarah Rogstad’s last blog post..Week at a Glance

  3. I have no claims to fame. Not even exceptionally lame ones. I’m thinking your fake out is the ‘famous neighbor’ one.
    My lame claims to fame fall more under the heading of .. what is it 6 degrees of separation? My hub has, himself, worked on some famous folks’ pools. And, simply, for the company who has installed and worked on several more.

    Adore the pics! hehe I snapped some of my dd like that some time ago. Only she sat on the counter and twisted to see herself in the mirror. Funny stuff!

    Hey, but our mirrors match! Yeah. Could barely see my own reflection in that thing. How DO they do that? Seriously!

    Little man in the backgroun, hand to head…cute! What was that about? hehe
    And the “aww moooooooooooom” final shot. Perfect. 🙂

    Tara’s last blog post..Ok, I Give Up

  4. Hey, those are some good lame claims to fame! :^P

    Tara, thanks for comforting me about the mirror. My goal is to get that bathroom cleaned today!!

    As for which one out of my list is untrue…… I’ll tell ya later! ;^P

  5. Now that was fun reading! I love your blog!!! Its so encouraging to see a wife and mother pursuing her writing dreams while loving her family.
    – Jo

    Jo’s last blog post..Springtide

  6. Bill Bennett spoke at a hs conference. Took one of his books to be autographed. Of course the first thing out of my mouth is, “Can you put me in touch with Rush Limbaugh.” He didn’t miss a beat & said, “My wife is the second hardest person to get ahold of & Rush is the first.”

    JackieWks’s last blog post..Early onset Klutzeimers ?

  7. Jozie said that’s funny! I would do that to Luke! – In reference to the pictures of the boys in the mirror! 🙂

    I would have loved being your friend in high school! LOL Those were all my favorite guys (DC Talk and Newsboys) and I would have died to meet any of them! I met some bands in HS at Sonshine Festival and some more recent ones just last year – which I’m sure they had to remember me with the impact that I left on their lives! LOL My son is quit proud of his claim to fame in his “friendship” with Big Russ from the Power Team. The piece of bent steal bar that he got from Big Russ is the first thing he brings out to impress all his friends when they come over! LOL

    Risa’s last blog post..Digging Out

  8. I have no claims to fame…not even really, really lame ones. My only six degrees of separation would be that my dad helped to write an insurance policy for David Lee Roth once. That’s pretty pathetic!

    Loved the pictures of your boy in the mirror…it’s so funny when they start to get more involved in what they are going to look like for the day. Really cute stuff!

    Angie in OH’s last blog post..I Love Friday

  9. Loved the bathroom pictures of your boy! Soooo cute when he realizes he’s been caught and that little grin comes out. Oh hilarious! Let’s see my claim to fame is that right out of high school (19 yrs old I think I was) I worked as a Administrative Assistant for a company that went to San Francisco for our holiday dinner party at a VERY FANCY restuarant. While on my way to the bathroom with co-worker, I accidently got too close with my arms and hands (ya know when you talk and you use your arms to express what your saying) well I got a little tooo close to an older woman and then all these people stood up and looked at me. Well, me…. I was oblivious to the whole thing and kept on talking and walking. When we got to the bathroom, my coworker asked me if I knew who that woman was. Hmmm nope, didn’t know what she was even talking about. She said the “woman” was Lady Bird Johnson and all those people who stood up nearby were Secret Service. WWWWWWWHHHHHHAAAAATTTTT! Wait a minute… who is Lady Bird Johnson? Yea, my 15 minutes of fame greatly contributed to my lack of knowledge of recent presidential history. Ooops! Everyone rolled their eyes at the not so mature Administrative Assistant! Ha Ha What’s even funnier is now, I work for local government, so I guess they think I’ve grown up since then. Anyway, if your from the East Bay, you probably know about Antioch then right?

    Janeen’s last blog post..How quickly the days go…

  10. My youngest boy is a monkey, so I can sympathize with the climbing-the-bunk-beds dilema. I would just make sure there are good rails on that top bunk so he can’t fall or jump off easily. (Yeah, my middle son stood on the rails on the top bunk and jumped off, breaking his arm. He was 4.) Build those rails nearly up to the ceiling!

    Or, build a gate across the top bunk where the ladder meets it, so all he can do is climb back down the ladder, and he can’t get on the top bed.

    Kila’s last blog post..Friday & Saturday…

  11. Those claims to fame crack me up! Having traveled in similar circles in high school, I too met DC Talk. I also met Michael W. Smith at a backstage event (that I won…I’m guessing you were probably at that concert). I met Huey Lewis at a recording studio in Berkley (also “the News”). In elementary school I met Rickey Henderson, Mark McGuire and Jose Canseco all playing for the Oakland Athletics (and boy, did two of those players get in trouble!). In my Southern California days I saw Jason Hervey (brother Wayne on Wonder Years) in Santa Monica and Jennifer Aniston with Adam Durwitz (of Counting Crows) when they were dating. While traveling in London, we were on the same tube train with Woody Harrelson. That was a funny one! Also while in London we happened to be at Westminster Abbey on the same day as the Queen and got to see her parade by. On a flight from LAX to Denver both Brian McKnight and Danny Masterson (of That 70’s Show) were on the plane. Being in California really helped, except you are supposed to play it cool so I never got autographs. Now that I live in Maryland I just see politicians! Boy, listing all of those out makes my life seem a lot more exciting than it actually was!

    Jen’s last blog post..TV Coverage of Latino Studies Minor

  12. I have some pretty decent lame claims to fame

    1) I cleaned toilets (Porta-potties) backstage at a Spin Doctors concert, and met the guys from the band in the backstage buffet line. Yes, I washed my hands first.
    2) I also met GHW Bush. 1984. I was in 5th grade and my class went to hear him speak at a campaign stop in NJ. We were in the front of the crowd, right along the velvet rope. When he came offstage, he came right up to us, and talked to me.
    3) (This one’s pretty cool, actually) In college (1993), one of my friends was related to one of the actors on Saturday Night Live. So one Saturday, 4 of us went with him into the city, and we got to go back stage during the broadcast. Met Adam Sandler, Phil Hartman, Chris farley, Mike Meyers, and others. The guest host was Nancy Kerrigan, and the musical guest was Aretha Franklin. Wow!
    4) I have a student whose step father works on the set of “Law & Order”.
    5) I have another student who has played a dead person on “L & O”.
    6) At my college graduation, I was selected to sing the Alma Mater at graduation. Recieving an honorary doctorate was (at the time) NJ governor Jim McGreevy. I got to sit 2 seats away from him.
    7) Also while in college, I worked at Red Lobster. Once I waited on “Peppa” of “Salt & Peppa” fame.

    As far as yours are concerned, I’m also going to go with the David Hasselhoff story being the false one.


    Danielle & Jeff’s last blog post..Ahhhh, Puerto Rico!!!

  13. Love the lame claim to fame idea. My most popular one is that I actually went to school with Toby, Michael, and Kevin of DC Talk. I had lunch with Toby quite often. Michael was the newest kid wonder at our ever popular school (Liberty U a.k.a Falwell’s school). And, Kevin was not allowed to sing at the school because he had too many demerits.
    The kids around here see this as not a lame claim but a pretty extraordinary claim. I continually remind them that I didn’t even know that Toby could sing (hmmmm…is what he does really singing?)and he is forty something! The kids cringe when they hear this one.

    Heather Davis’s last blog post..Prayers

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