Why am I up now? I have no idea. I rarely post quite this conversationally but it was getting too long to stay in my comments section so I just figured I’d go ahead and stick it right here on the main page. We had small group here tonight and the last person usually leaves around 11ish (we love our people so I’m not complaining! It’s great fellowship!) but I always have to wind down a bit before heading to bed.

Oh my goodness!! Some of these LCFs are freakin’ awesome!! I loved reading them!! And I especially thank you all for being so chatty in the comments here. I love it when you talk to me. It makes me feel a little less like a circus freak (whether or not I look like one is another topic for another time). ;^P

Jen O. I think I might remember you winning that backstage pass… the concert was at UOP right?! LOL Did your winning have to do with Operation STRIVE by any chance? Or was it related to Bridge or something? (What I remember most about that show was the freaky weird “dance” that they did where they all hooked together and walked like a caterpillar. What was up with that?) I remember you always being the amazing go-getter who got the “corporate sponsorships” for Operation STRIVE when I got sponsored by my Grandma and Mr. Daly and my next door neighbor. LOL ;^P (I was just as bad at Jog-a-thon!) I met DC Talk the day they came to our church when Alicia and Julie and I were helping Brett make a “welcome basket” for them. I think we were in 10th or 11th grade… during the Dawson events (that’s also when I met the NBs and ate lunch with them in the Heritage Room.) I think we met up with them at the Christian bookstore and of course they had to know that we were the ones who put the cheesy welcome package together so we got hugs and thanks. LOL

And you all who guessed that I did not step on The Hoff’s toe, you are correct (though the rest of that story was true…) — cheaters… doesn’t count if you were there!! ;^P It seems the only people we met on the strip (and now that I think back I can’t recall if it was the Sunset Strip or Hollywood Blvd… I’m thinking it was maybe Sunset.) that night were on some sort of stimulant or depressant and were by no means famous so there were not an awful lot of deep spiritual talks going on! LOL (Don’t even get me started on the whole idea of sending a bunch of teenagers out “witnessing on the strip” in the middle of the night either! LOL)

I do in fact “know” someone through an online connection who lives within spitting distance of B-ara*ck Oba#ma’s (Google paranoia, sorry.) Chicago home.

Oh and still no success with monkey boy. I have pulled him either off of the ladder or the bunk bed or the small book shelf at the end of one of the bunk beds about 9 times today! ARGH!!!!!!! I’m thinking of getting him one of these to roam the house in… if only my halls were wide enough.

But he makes up for his dangerous chimp like ways by being dangerously cute and by reciting Psalm 1 in baby talk. Really, a 2 1/2 year old saying the words “seat of scoffews” is literally one of the cutest things ever. I have no idea why.

One thought on “About the Lame Claims to Fame

  1. I can’t remember where the MWS concert was, but yes, I won the backstage thing from Operation STRIVE. I NEVER would have paid or even requested to meet him… how embarrassing! Of course I did enjoy the experience. I must have met DC Talk at the same event you did, but in a different circumstance. It was pretty cool going to such a big church during those high school years! I went to the Newsboys concert at church, but had no such luck in meeting them! Very funny to think of those experiences. Randy and I took a walk down “memory lane” last night reading your high school claims!

    Jen’s last blog post..TV Coverage of Latino Studies Minor

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