Boys like mud.  And when snow melts there’s plenty to be had.  And boys don’t seem to care if they forget to wash it all off the minute they come inside.  They don’t seem to mind that crispy, crusty feeling.  I don’t get it.  But it’s very boyish of them isn’t it?

all boy

I realize his eyes are just too blue in this picture.  They were looking very blue anyways because of our blue curtain in this bright room but they got a little too amped up in my photoshopping foray for my taste but I was too lazy last night to go back and fix it.



They just go about their next in order of business.


5 thoughts on “Boys

  1. These photos made me laugh. Such a contrast to my two very girly girls. They cry hysterically when their shirts get a little dirt on them. I don’t know where they got that from; I was such a tomboy growing up. Anyways, very cute pictures. Have fun doing laundry 🙂

  2. Uh, yeah, how DO they do that? Mine come in totally encrusted from their adventures down by the lake. They’d sit right down and commence to supper or drawing..makes no difference to them. But then, I have one who couldn’t feel an entire jar of peanut butter smeared across his face, so, well… *shrug* My girl’s no better. She’s just one of the boys. Yesterday in fact, she was waist deep in the muddy lake. The lake they are NOT supposed to be in, but anywho. Yeah, right in there with them. Then entered the house with splatters and smears all over her forehead. Yeah. Whatever. :p Boys are great aren’t they? LOL

    Tara’s last blog post..Nugget

  3. My kids are so drawn to mud, even my girls. I have given up on trying to keep them out of it. I always get looks from other people that seem to say how could I possibly let them do it. But it’s usually easier to let them be happy and play and just clean them up later than it would be to try and keep them out of the mud.

    Queen of My Domain’s last blog post..Beware the Dead Battery

  4. These pictures remind me of how my kids look everytime they go outside! They ADORE the mud. I now have baskets set up with “play clothes” for each of my kiddos ~ when they ask to go outside the one rule is that they have to have play clothes on. Saves me a lot of time not having to get mud and grass stains out of their good clothes.

    I’m really enjoying your site and the pictures you take of your beautiful family! 🙂

    Angie in OH’s last blog post..It’s A Transformation.

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