Do you pass on the music you love to your children? Or when you had children did you immediately stop listening to your favorite music and turn on kinder-tunes and nursery rhyme songs? Growing up I remember listening to Johnny Cash in the car with my parents, the Everly Brothers, the Beach Boys, The Messiah, The Sound of Music and… Camelot of all things. Many of those songs are still with me, every word and tune seared into my memory like a brand. Many of them I still love now and am passing on to my own children. I have a confession to make. I played nursery rhyme songs when I had my first baby. When we had our second we listened to the Wiggles. But never ever did we stop listening to our favorite music.

As a parent, I must tell you, I quickly got sick of nursery rhyme songs (umm… very very quickly) and prayed earnestly that the tapes would be mysteriously gobbled up by the tape deck. And if they weren’t then I had determined to make it look as if they had been. And then look with a frown and say, “Oops.” No, really, I didn’t destroy my children’s tapes. They just didn’t care. I think they liked it about as much as I did, which not so oddly, is about as much as I like the poly-fiber embodiment of evil Barney the Dinosaur and Satan’s Minions The Doodlebops. Captain Feather-sword and his ilk captured my patience only shortly longer. Goodbye Wiggles. Farewell nursery rhyme tapes.  Auf Wiedersehen kinder-tunes. Adieu to all of you. (And as Gollum says, “Go away and never come BACK!“)

So, do you know who my kids identify as their favorite musicians?

U2, Coldplay, Switchfoot, Harry Nilsson, Beethoven, The Beatles, Johnny Cash… etc.
We listen… and even watch them as a family.



Are you passing on your musical taste to your children?

16 thoughts on “Music. Pass it on.

  1. Oh yeah! Same here. My older ds turned 10 recently. He was gifted with an i-pod shuffle. What tunes does he have on there? Beach Boys, ABBA Gold, and Sheryl Crowe. He also got an i-tunes gift certificate. We were scanning through some things we thought he might like. On the list were Michael Jackson, Elton John, Elvis, Green Day. We have a bunch of others to introduce him too as well.

    Mom2legomaniacs’s last blog post..Look at these!

  2. Just today we were having lunch at The Rooms (it overlooks st. john’s harbour, just beautiful). I didn’t really hear the music until a Michael Buble song came on that I have on our iPod. About two seconds after I noticed it played Liam, almost 4yrs, said something to the affect of, ‘that’s our song, where is it coming from Mom? How did they get our song?” It was so funny. He also loves ‘God songs’ cause they make God really happy.

    charla’s last blog post..Pay Attention

  3. Our boys are into Opera (Rigoletto), The Derek Trucks Band, Mozart, Stevie Ray Vaughan (See our post called “Turn it UP”), Kids Worship, The Dallas Brass, John Rutter’s “Gloria”, Singin’ in the Rain, Rachmaninoff, and pretty much anything else.

    We do NOT have Barney in our house. Ditto the Wiggles. No Doodle bops either. We do enjoy the occasional Winnie the Pooh or Blue’s Clues. We’re afraid of Veggie Tales. The boys won’t even stay in Junior Church if they’re showing a Veggie Tales video. Why? Don’t know…Maybe talking vegetables are scary.

    By the way, the first picture of “Rattle & Hum” (one of my favorite videos) is of the song “MLK”, right? I love the shot of Bono with the spotlight behind him so the light outlines his head.

    Danielle & Jeff’s last blog post..A Conversation with Kevin……..

  4. My kids don’t really listen to “kids” music either. They like what we like. I remember when Luke first “discovered” music – he had nothing on but his diaper and Bob was listening to an old KISS RECORD – as in vinyl – and a drum solo came on. He wasn’t walking yet (so he had to be younger than 10 months) but he was holding on to a chair and his eyes just got big and he just started to bounce his knees like he just couldn’t help what was happening to him. LOL It was the cutest thing ever, I’ll never forget it!

    Now they listen to Toby Mac, Barlow Girl, ZOE Girl, Superchick, Family Force 5, etc. Jozie has Plumb’s latest CD, Blink, on her MP3 player and listens to that before she goes to sleep at night. They have definitely picked up my love of Christian Rock music.

    Risa’s last blog post..Less Words Thursday

  5. Yep. My crew has taken on my eclectic taste in music. We listen to folky tunes by Jim Scott Orrick, 70s groove of Keith Green, slam it down with Skillet and Switchfoot, kick it up with Toby Mac and then experience it all again with David Crowder :p Throw in a hint of country and a generous splash of classic rock…yeah..
    The kids dig it all. Christian is the primary genre listened to around here, but on road trips we enjoy spinnin’ the dial and seeking out a little bit of everything. They like a little Elvis and can appreciate the Doobie Brothers. hehe

    Tara’s last blog post..Blogthings!

  6. My kids are rockin’ to They Might Be Giants… who have a kids’ music and adult music. I personally like their kids music too (No!) so I don’t mind. We also enjoy Dan Zanes, who does kid friendly folk music – also something I would enjoy without the kids. I also have a classical CD that we play. Some of the other kid CDs I have conveniently misplaced.

    Some of my music is not really kid appropriate so I don’t share too much of that with them. Anything I figure I would be embarrassed if they started singing to other people, I don’t like to play. Otherwise I listen to a lot of classic rock and 80s.

    Heidi’s last blog post..Entry for Contest

  7. I have to agree, too. I am pretty eclectic in my music tastes, so we listen to all kinds of stuff, from country to bluegrass to jazz to hip hop to christian and classical. My mom-in-law got the kids a “Kids Sing Praise” where they sing regular worship songs. I thought it wouldn’t be too bad… WRONG! Those little tin-ey voices drive me batty. So, we just listen to whatever grabs us at the moment (and we are careful, too, to listen to the words and try to be as appropriate as possible, even though sometimes things slip through!).

  8. I’m a big Tears For Fears and Inxs fan. I’ve gotten my children to listen and go to their concerts. My oldest boy is a huge Inxs fan and has identified them as his favorite group. I’ve had good success getting them in Queen.

    Dire Straits, Phish, and Rush have been harder sells. I’m still trying…

    Will’s last blog post..In the middle of the “Big Move”….

  9. I found your site by way of Pioneer Woman’s blog and just had to tell you how much I enjoyed my stay. You’ve done such a lovely job with your banner/header and the pictures — it’s just a terrific blog.

    Blessings to you!

  10. My stepson is into the same music I listened to when I was his age. It makes teaching him the guitar much easier. I don’t have to learn any of the current bands’ songs. Most of the songs he plays are older than him!

    My wife is very anti-country and my stepson isn’t interested. The baby is my last hope unless we have more kids.

    Elliott – 21st Century Dad’s last blog post..Teaching Teens How To Use Public Transit

  11. I laughed at this post because I see so much truth in it. I will say, though, that the Backyardigans have pretty catchy music, with actual verses and meter and stuff. Anyway, my husband and I were country music listeners for the most part, with lots of 80’s music and some new age thrown in for fun. However, I caught my (then) 3 year old singing “Tequila makes her clothes come off” and “Everything’s hotter when the sun goes down|”. That’s when we discovered KLOVE. The 80’s music survived, though, and Rock Lobster is a favorite for car travel….

  12. i have no problems with my 3 1/2 yr old son listening to Backyardigans and The Wiggles… i detest the Doodlebops though, have to draw the line at them! i figure, he’s a kid, he can listen to kids music. it won’t turn his brain to cottage cheese – the words to Wiggles songs make sense to him, whereas the words to Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of, as meaningful as they are to me, mean absolutely nothing to him right now.

    in the car, we mostly listen to KLOVE – they play a lot of the tunes we sing in church, and i love hearing his little voice from the backseat as he makes up 75% of the words, but has the tune down cold.

    i’ll share all of my music with him, all in good time. i’m in no hurry.

    Krista’s last blog post..spring parte deux

  13. nan… I read your Mothers Day tribute on Bloglines and popped in to comment and it wasn’t here????
    I just wanted to say: Mothers Day cards are $5.00. Telling her “I love you, mom… I am who I am because of you.” is priceless.

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