It feels like it’s been so long since I’ve blogged. You’ll be happy to know it’s mostly just because I haven’t had an awful lot to say… Oh, and we’ve still had sick kids off and on for a while… Oh, and it’s been off and on really nice outside (even though it’s currently cold and rainy) so we’ve been outside a lot more. Thus, my blog sits quietly and waits for my return.


Since it’s rainy this week I’m going to try, over the next few days, to post happy springy warm pictures that I took last week. Today you get watercolor flowers.


I love flowers so much. My yard is just on the verge of exploding with color and each day I examine it and wait and water and weed. And wait some more.


I can’t help myself. I just love turning these pictures into watercolor type images. Most of these were at best mediocre pictures and yet the watercolor filter saves the day.


I love turning an awful picture into something pretty. It’s like those artsy garbage men who collect pieces of trash and create priceless works of art with them. Or something. (Something requiring a lot less skill that is.)


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