Ahhh… the sun is shining (well, actually it’s dark outside), the birds are singing (do geese honking count as singing?), the sky is blue (although a very dark shade of it as I write this), children are laughing (I’m sure they are somewhere… mine are sleeping though), the only sounds I can hear (the geese are gone already… they’re fast) is that of the wind rustling the leaves on the trees (except for the sounds of cars going by and my husband watching Superman II for the first time ever… yes, he’s way behind the times.) Other than all of my parenthetical thoughts, all of those things have been at least partly true lately. It is downright springy here. So what if that includes a couple of days of rain. As long as it’s followed by a couple of days of glorious beautiful sunshine, I am happy woman.

I’ve been spending more time outside enjoying my garden with the kids. They enjoy their mud pits, Tonka trucks, their planks and nails… and drinking out of the hose. And I enjoy my garden. The boys have been on a bit of a break from school that will continue through next week, after which we will pick up and hit the books again. Each morning on which the sun is cheerfully shining we have started our days the same way. We eat breakfast and get dressed. They squint their eyes and hold out their little arms as I slather all of them with ample amounts of SPF 1,973 sunscreen and we head out into the yard. They do their hard and very important work. And I water my flowers, pull a few weeds, examine the progress of each plant (Oh… and I scoop poop but those words don’t look as whistful as I would like them to in this particular sentence). Then I grab the book I’m reading right now and my cup of coffee and ahhhhhh……. Tomorrow is June and therefore winter is safely behind us. (Though as a jaded Albertan, I say that only after shiftily glancing around and then only in a faint whisper so as not to provoke any lurking leftover snowflakes that are just dying to come down.)




I don’t know about where you live but people here are generally nuts about Tulips. (These particular ones, just above and just below, aren’t actually mine… the pink one at the very top is though… and I have about 99 more that are about ready to bust out too…) I think the reason that people love tulips so much is because they are the first things to herald the arrival of spring here… in late May… Because winter is so slow in coming to an end here, one’s eyes tend to start to hurt for color. My poor husband and children, every spring, have to put up with a few weeks of me suddenly shouting “LOOK HOW GREEEEEN IT IS!!! LOOK AT ALL OF THE GLORIOUS COLOR!” I appreciate color and the wonders of spring so much more now that I live in a place where winter is a reality, unlike my childhood home in the Bay Area of California. Anyways, I have joined the fray and am a tulip enthusiast now as well. They are quite possibly the happiest flowers out there, with some stiff competition from the Daisy family. Daisies are cheerful. Tulips are happy. Tulips are spring.





But then… Crabapple trees are spring too… I can’t really decide which one is Spring more to me than the other… It’s a tie.




I don’t know how I’m going to manage it but I am absolutely determined to squeeze one of these trees somewhere in the dwindling plant real estate of our property. I must. They make me almost as happy as Tulips do.

What else do I love about Spring?


wildflower purple

wild yellow flowers

Bees… (oh, but you should hear the girlish shrieks of my otherwise manly little boys when there is a bee in the vicinity… It boggles the mind. You would think someone was coming at them with an axe or something.)





Ground Squirrels… (aren’t they adorable?)

Ground Squirrel

Dandelions… (yes, I said Dandelions… until they come into my yard, I have actually learned to welcome them… this wears off sometime around mid-June… but for now, I still like them… they are a color okay? That’s why I like them. They are not WHITE and COLD and CRUEL!)… except they are cruel… Oh, nevermind.



(Just kidding. I don’t like coyotes at all. They don’t really remind me of Spring. They remind me of movies and books with titles like The Call of the Wild and My Side of the Mountain and White Fang… Oh and songs like Oh Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie. Yeah, I don’t like them for reasons like that. And because one happened to just cross the street about 10 feet in front of us as we were taking a lovely Saturday morning Spring stroll to the playground with all of our bite-sized offspring.)








Oh and this has nothing to do with Spring or Tulips or Coyotes even but since it won’t really fit in anywhere I have to tell you about it now. One of my sons, who shall remain nameless (as usual), last week decided that it would be fun to cut the cord to his oscillating fan whilst it was yet plugged into the wall. Other than a bolt of lightning (which an innocent bystander ran from, like a bat out of hell, and declared, “I saw a spark!“… ya think?) and a sonic boom… and a broken fan (now fixed) the only noteworthy item was what is pictured below. We’ll just call them, EXHIBIT A!


19 thoughts on “It's Tulip Season!

  1. Thanks everyone!

    Susan, I used the watercolor filter for those two pictures. It’s one of my favorite “artistic” filters in Photoshop. Perfect for flowers.

  2. SCARY about the cord….boys were born to give their mommas heart attacks weren’t they? lol

    love the pics…thanks for sharing them….glad you are enjoying spring…we’re just about to the part of summer where we hide inside cuz its so stinkin’ humid 🙂

    leah belle’s last blog post..Let Me Tell You About a Little Girl

  3. Tulips are my fave and I go crazy for them whenever I see them. I was in Chicago a couple of weeks ago when they were just blooming and they were beautiful.

    Bad Sheep’s last blog post..I’ll Be

  4. Oh your flowers are all just luverly! Now can you send some of that sun shine my way? It wont stop raining down here!

  5. Love the photo of the tulip on dark background. And the scissors pic…what memories are made of…poor guy must have got a fright. All we can really do as parents is pray for their little lives cause the stuff they get into when we’re not looking is really quite unthinkable.

    charla’s last blog post..Sweet 16

  6. I have to say the photos were all so lovely — before I scream.
    I expected to have one shocked and burned little boy photo after I saw the scissors. He had to have been wrapped in an angels arms.

    Pamela’s last blog post..Divine Vine

  7. I just found your site today! Great photos!
    I the scissor pic stopped me in my tracks!
    I raised 4 boys also and one daughter….
    Boys are ‘crazy’ like that….believe me…. I KNOW!!
    They are also snuggley and wonderful…
    and if you can keep them from being totally electrocuted, they will grow up to still be snuggley and wonderful… just more wonderful than snuggley…


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