I bet I s-s-scared you, didn’t I?  This place has been a ghost town for a while… well, I should correct myself… it seems that you’ve been here.  I have not!  We took a mini-vacation this past week.  Some friends lent us their lovely 27 foot shiny new camp trailer and we really enjoyed it.  We actually made it into a two part trip.  First we spent a couple of days in the Alberta Badlands.  We went to a big dinosaur museum, saw some hoodoos, climbed inside the world’s largest dinosaur… and the biggest news it that my six year old learned how to ride a two wheeler.  He’s tried a few times before… maybe twice.  This time all it took was one push… and he was off… with only a few run-ins with the picnic table or a tree.

After the Badlands we brought the trailer back to our friends and went and spent one night out in the mountains.  We just love those mountains… A vacation doesn’t seem like a vacation if we don’t spend some time in the mountains. I don’t think I will ever tire of them.

I will now torment you with a bunch of pictures from yesterday, which we spent driving around the Banff area, just enjoying the beauty of creation.  Lots more pictures to come in the coming days…

green road watercolor

This is Johnston Canyon.  We hiked just up to the lower falls.  I think we’ll go again without kids one of these days and go all the way to the top.


JC slow shutter


tiny plant

moss and lichen



I had fun messing with my shutter speed…

Falls fast shutter

Falls slow shutter





green tree 2

green tree

S Tree




C at JC

We saw some wildlife…









Big Horn Sheep

4 thoughts on “Boo!

  1. What a beautiful place, and what beautiful photos. They were worth the wait. I’m glad you are having fun with your family. Making memories!

  2. Wow! What fun! I’m really hoping we can make it to the SD Badlands this summer – it’s a drive from here though and we really aren’t big driving people…we’ll probably see where fall takes us. 🙂

    Risa’s last blog post..Dental Bliss…

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