We have a whole bunch that needs doing today, the biggie being that we need to attack our basement before it reaches up the stairs and grabs us with its green slimy tentacles of death and sucks us into its writhing abysmal belly for its next meal. We have some dear friends coming up for a visit in a few weeks from now and the basement is not suitable for alien or animal life, let alone, humans.

But I have so many pictures still… pretty much all week I’m going to be sharing pictures from our trip because, well, my family doesn’t live here so they can’t be tortured in person with a long family vacation slide show so I’m doing it long distance. ;^P

I captured my four year old playing with some Dandelions…








Just look at that perfect chin. I love that chin. How dashing will that be when he’s 25?



Okay… really… that’s all for today. That’s it. That basement is waving it’s powerful sticky tentacles at me. I must go slay the beast.

Oh, and I’m potty training a two year old which also can put a (ahem) damper on one’s ability to write a single thing worth reading.

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