Ahhhh… the birds are singing, the sun is shining…. love is in the air…


Today I had the pleasure of taking engagement pictures of some dear friends.  We had a blast… engaged people are wonderful to photograph, I have found, because of all people in the world, I think they least mind being FORCED to pose for pictures… I don’t know why but they never seem to complain when you say things like, “Okay, pull her a little closer to you…” or “Okay, go ahead and kiss her!”  Go figure…


Anyways, my first official engagement shoot went off beautifully and the sun agreed with us pretty much the whole time.  I love it when the sun’s got my back.  Thanks sun!








Really… next to babies, I think engaged people are my favorite people to photograph. They are such easy targets!

Thanks you two, for letting me take your pictures today!  It was so much fun!  And now I am going to bed to collapse.

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