Today The Pastor celebrated the life of his Mom with family and friends.  I know it was a joyful celebration of her life and an expression of how much she will be missed by many people.  Today the children and I, still back at home, spent the day at the zoo with my dear friend and their stand-in Grandma. Stand-in Grandmas are a gift from God, I’m quite sure.

I must share some of the very sweet thoughts that my kids have shared over the past few days about their Grandma’s passing. One of them asked God that Grandma would be better so that she can be with God so that she can come back.  Obviously a bit of confusion there still but his thoughts were so sweet.  Another said to his Grandpa when talking to him on Skype, “I’m so sorry Grandpa about Grandma.  And I’m sorry for me too.”  And today one of them said, “I always knew Grandma mostly wanted to be with God.”  God has blessed all of them with a gracious acceptance of what has happened to their Grandma and they are happy that she is not suffering anymore.

My Mom, their other Grandma, lives in California and we only get to see her and Grandpa maybe once or twice a year.

This is Karen. I’ve been begging to take Karen’s picture for months because she is just absolutely a beautiful woman inside and out and it radiates where ever she goes, and today I finally got the chance!

KB2 bw

kb and boys1

kb5 bw

Karen is one of the most fun and free spirited people I think I know. After our delightful day at the zoo today my oldest son remarked, “She and Grandma O. need to meet.  They are so much alike.  I picture them meeting and getting along great. They are almost the same age and so energetic!”  And he’s exactly right.


kb8 bw




They would get along swimmingly.

Mom, you will never, ever be replaced but I know you would approve of your stand-in!

Karen treated us to an awesome day at the zoo.  Here are some of the more spectacular things we saw when we were there today…













tiger tongue2

Gotta love the tongue sticking out!

tiger tongue

tiger water


tiger bw


tiger eyes


12 thoughts on “Today…

  1. I love the tiger and his tongue sticking out. We have a peacock that looks just like that one. He showed up here last year and stayed all summer, then he left for the winter and came back this spring. He is quite the character.

    Jyl’s last blog post..Lilies

  2. You need to enter that 3rd picture of the peacock in a contest! It’s beautiful! …I take it that no one else has started puking…!

  3. Knock Knock…anyone home? Nancypants? Just wanted to say that I miss your posts! Hope all is okay. Loved the pics…as always! Glad that you have a stand in grandma in Karen…she sounds like a great lady! We hope to go the zoo next week to see the special dino exhibit for summer. Grandpa comes into town today! HURRAY! Hurry back now okay!

  4. All of your photos are beautiful, but I love the one of the orange poppy. It needs to be framed and on someones wall.


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