Pigs are flying.  Not only did I manage to post once today for the first time in over a week but I am now posting again!

It’s 10:30 here and the sun is just beginning its descent.  It’s just about to nestle itself behind the blanket of the Rocky Mountains for a good night’s sleep. Or something sappy like that.

Anyways we had a beautiful sunset tonight and it made me wish for a moment (or a little longer maybe) that I lived somewhere out in the country so that I could really enjoy the view and so that I could just once get a decent picture of sunset without rooftops and power lines getting in the way. But I did the best with what I had.

I love a good sunset. (I took these about 15 minutes ago.)

sunset rays


I love the rays of sun shining around the clouds.  Stormy nights are good for that sort of thing.

sunset clouds

I also love the eery quality of the lights shining on the houses…

window sunset

Late sunset, as you might imagine, leads to children having a harder time falling asleep at a decent hour.  Tonight we were out later than the kids’ normal bedtime and my two year old is just now settling down into bed.  He is so used to it being light out when he goes to bed now that he is petrified of his bed because it’s actually almost dark in his room.  Poor guy.

Oh and I was telling my Mom today about my Delphinium that is almost 9 feet tall.  I had to get a picture of it for her.  This thing has grown about a foot a week.  It’s my favorite plant in the garden.  Excuse the picture quality… you do what you can when your taking pictures at dusk (at ten at night!)

9ft Delphinium

Oh and I have to show Mom my lambs ear and my lilies also.


lilies outside

9 thoughts on “Look out your window…

  1. I found your site through your comment on Pioneer Woman’s blog! Nice to mee you!

    Gorgeous sunset photos and all your plants and flowers! Looks like things are growing well. I manage to kill most our plants. I wish I had more of a green thumb. :o)

    Rhea’s last blog post..Letting it go to your Head.

  2. Wow, beautiful pics here and the post below, Nan! I love the flower pics! I need one set back some so I can see how your whole garden looks. And you can come here and visit if you’d like a sunset pic with Lake Michigan as the backdrop! 🙂

    Laura’s last blog post..Rucks, Mommy! More rucks!

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