Is this thing on?

HELLO! ((Hello)) ((((hello))))

ECHO! ((Echo)) ((((echo))))

In other words, it’s been a while.  Sorry….  We’ve just been enjoying the lovely Summertime weather here, doing crazy things like going outside, riding bikes, playing in the water and (((gasp))) cleaning this house that somehow is able to make itself messy the minute you put the vacuum cleaner away.

Look what my garden has been busy doing…












Aside from all of those other things, we have been working on plans to start finishing our basement.  We are going to do as much of the work ourselves as we can.   We’re hoping to really get started next week.  And we’re hoping to have it as close to completion as possible by late September.

Here are some of our ideas…

Picture 9

We are putting in a little kitchen and we are going to be crazy and wild and funky because we can.  This is what we will be using for the kitchen cabinets… Thank you, Ikea. We love you.

Picture 10

This is what we will be using for the countertops.  Thank you Formica.  We love you.

Picture 12

We will be putting this flooring in by ourselves.  Thank you again Ikea.  We hope we are still married when we are done with assembling and installing all of your products.

Picture 14

We’ve decided on gray for the walls.  Thank you Benjamin Moore.  We love you.  You are wonderfully creamy and dreamy and you go on in only one layer.  We love you a lot.

Picture 11

In the bathroom we don’t know what we are going to use for the floor but it needs to look good with white and bottle glass green… and grey walls.  And it needs to be somewhat affordable.  What do you think about a slate colored linoleum tile?  I don’t want anything white because it will show too much grime I think.  What are your thoughts?

For the sink we are going to get this beautiful baby right here… (Thank you Home Depot and American Standard.  You guys rock the casbah.)

Picture 16

We got an incredible deal on a used bathtub, toilet (I know… yuck… we’ll clean it REAL good, I promise) and vanity.  We are going rip off the top of the vanity and tile the countertop with this, which we will also have a horizontal stripe of about 2/3 up the wall of the tub/shower enclosure.

Picture 15

The rest of the tile will be large white squares.

On top of the fabulous deal we got on the bathroom suite, we also have gotten a fabulous deal on the kitchen appliances.  Thank you God.  (Sorry, no link.)

We are excited and read to get working.  You can expect to see less of me.  I like hammers and power tools.  Some have nicknamed me Tawanda when I’ve gotten my hands on a sledgehammer or pick axe.  Hopefully I am just as good (or almost anyways) at construction as I am at destruction. We’ll see.

4 thoughts on “Tap, tap, tap…

  1. Your project looks like it will be a lot of fun. I bet that it’s going to be beautiful once completed. Good luck on all of the fun times!

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