Today was apparently nest leaving day somewhere in the vicinity of our backyard for a family of Chipping Sparrows.  Initially I found a shivering baby bird and my motherly instinct took over before I Googled what to do for a baby bird.  I really just didn’t want the poor thing to be eaten by our dog!


So, yes, we picked up the poor little thing and brought it inside.



But then we decided to bring it back outside and what should we discover but its siblings.




Just like my own darling little chicks, the minute they were next to each other they started to fight.  I thought of threatening to separate them but didn’t think it would do much good.

Our favorite little one almost went and got himself caught in some netting that our clematis and sweet peas climb up so we rescued him again.



I’m thinking of naming him Einstein.

There were three all together.  All of them making a great deal of ruckus in order to keep their parents informed of their whereabouts.  Fortunately the all knowing Google told me that bird parents will not in fact reject their babies once a human has touched them.  So I wasn’t worried.  I put them both in the neighbor’s yard as they are gone for the week so it is the only dogless yard for the time being.  The first one landed on the slide and stayed there for as long as he could.


Then he made his way to the grass.



The other one immediately buried himself next to a tree.


And Mom and Dad proved Google correct. They came along and did their best to encourage their little fledglings to take bigger and bigger leaps through the air.  We left them to themselves for the next several hours.




But my kids came running inside a few hours later and told me that the baby was back in our yard and that it liked me too much.  Since our dog was out we whooshed that poor little thing up again, put him in an open top box and the poor thing went right to sleep.

But we went right back out after giving the baby bird a bit of a rest period and put it back in the neighbor’s yard. We’ve yet to see it again so we are hopeful that it has mastered the art of flying or is at least safe under the care of its parents.

It was a neat experience for my boys though.  All afternoon they’ve been wondering about and hoping the best for the baby birds that we saved… from what we’re not sure… other than our dog’s jaws.



10 thoughts on “Baby Birds

  1. Just thinking about that old song, “His eye is on the sparrow.” Good to know that we are watched over by a God who even cares for baby sparrows!


  2. Gorgeous photos! You have a wonderful eye.

    I love the look of compassionate concentration on your boy’s face in the first couple of shots! A future veterinarian? Hmmm?

  3. How adorable! What a wonderful experience for you and the kids. Way back when we found a bird, who had knocked itself out by flying in to the glass in our back door. My daughter carefully made a comfy box for it and we placed the bird in the box up high outside so the neighborhood cats couldn’t reach it. She stared out the window intently for a very very long time and was so excited when it hopped up on the edge of the box and eventually flew away.

    Lady Rose’s last blog post..Food For Thought

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