You really need to try this.  I think it has one of the funniest names for a recipe… but it’s certainly accurate.  And really, it is about the yummiest way you can possibly cook a chicken. If you don’t like beer, don’t worry, it doesn’t really taste like beer.  We used a nice red ale.  It just tastes nothing short of fabulous.  I used a bit less of the seasonings (not quite a full two tablespoons of each) and I didn’t add any extra salt.  I was nervous about that much garlic salt and Paprika but all for naught.  It was DIVINE!  Also, the recipe is not terribly clear on this but I think it would be easiest to do all of the butter and seasonings together in the skillet and then just pour half of it in the half full beer can and then use the other half to baste the outside of the chicken (and do it a couple of times during the cooking process).  Also I set it in a glass baking dish; a bit less precarious than a cookie sheet and it held all of the extra juice in much better, I imagine, as well.

Seriously, you will be picking every bit of meat possible off of the chicken. Our boys LOVED it.

We cooked it in the oven because it was coolish here yesterday… oh and right about the time we were cooking, it was hailing like mad.  Not exactly great BBQ weather (even for us who have BBQed many times in the minus teens, temperature wise.) My garden is less than happy about that.  But I am glad I cooked it in the oven (Cooked it for 1 1/2 hours; on 350 for the first 45 minutes and 325 for the remainder).  Much more predictable that way.

Okay, so go make yourself some Beer Butt Chicken ASAP.

What are your thoughts?

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