bird funeral

We went to the neighbor’s yard today to check and make sure our baby sparrow was not there anymore.  But sadly, he was right where we last left him.  It was hard to know when we found him the second time in our yard yesterday if he was hurt or not.  He was shivering and obviously hungry.  When we brought him in and let him rest and get warm he was shivering still and half-heartedly chirping.  We just thought he was tired from his day of exertions.

We decided to give the little birdie a proper burial.  My six year old (in most of yesterday’s pictures) had drawn a picture of the baby bird yesterday after we found him.  So we buried little Einstein with his portrait and a verse about how God’s providence extends even to the tiny sparrows and how much more than sparrows he values us.

bird verse

The boys lovingly dug a tiny grave under the Paper Birch tree and planted the baby bird there.  Not every sparrow receives such a sweet burial.

boys digging

bird funeral2

We planted a new flower there too.

bird grave

…. And I know He watches me…

9 thoughts on “His Eye is on the Sparrow…

  1. I am so sad to hear that it died but glad to know that ya’ll gave it the proper respect and burial. A great lesson for the boys.

    Jyl’s last blog post..WINNER!

  2. Yes…they DO tug at the heartstrings don’t they! Glad the little guy got a proper burial. It was very sweet to see. I shudder when I think about our little bird visitor and how he left us. BAD BAD CROW!! 😦

    How’s the basement project coming? Want to see some of those tool belt pics! LOL!

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