Really. It was a zoo.  I mean, my house is normally zoo like but yesterday we once again went to the zoo.  You see, now this shouldn’t really surprise you since our house is a bit of a funny farm, we are members of the zoo.  Actually if you want the real snooty low down, we are members of the Calgary Zoological Society.  How refined does that sound?

So yesterday we went to the zoo again.  Over the next year you can expect me to post often about our trips to the zoo because it’s almost impossible for me to be at the zoo and not have pictures to share afterwards.  We really do have a lovely zoo here in Calgary.  We love the animals, of course, but during the Spring and Summer months I also really enjoy the expertly cared for landscaping and varied plant life.

I know it’s positively insane but I took about 200 pictures at the zoo yesterday.  Okay, so it was closer to 300.  It’s really hard not to do this type of thing in the age of digital photography.  But I obviously can’t share them all with you… or at least not all at once.  So today I’ll show you some of my favorite flowers at the zoo.  Tomorrow I will post about a giraffe that might as well have just put on his sexiest black socks and started singing It’s Business Time because it was quite clear that he had ulterior motives with the lady giraffe he was spending time with.  But today it’s flowers!  Flowers and butterflies.



pink orchids

white orchid

violet orchids

purple orchid

orange orchids

tiny flowers1

pitcher plant

yellow water lily 1

purple water lily

passion flower

red hibiscus 2


dark purple orchids


red hibiscus4



There were several beautiful butterflies there too but most of them wouldn’t sit down for anything.  This one posed nicely for a picture though.



This one was about the size of a small bird…






11 thoughts on “It's a zoo out there…

  1. I had no idea God made some of those flowers. What great pictures. I’m trying not to be green-ish with envy at your expertise and shall simply enjoy the eye for photography God has given you 🙂

    Rita’s last blog post..On Our Own

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