I like other people’s flowers the best because they are free, for one thing. But I like them also because I get to keep them even after they die.  I mean, I get to keep my own flowers  after they die too but it seems more fun to get something out of other people’s effort and money.  I know… that’s awfully opportunistic of me.  I like to call it entrepreneurial or something like that.  It sounds better.

No, I don’t really collect people’s dead flowers and make strange and bizarre dead flower arrangements… something that, the more I think about it, seems awfully depressing.  Dead flowers are the carcasses of the former beauty queens of the plant world.  It seems like some sort of sickness to bring them home and enshrine them.

But the way I do it is less like keeping Snow White eternally preserved in a glass coffin and more like keeping a painting of Miss Mona (last name Lisa), I think.  That’s what I’m telling myself anyways.  They are pieces of art that can be forever appreciated, long after they decompose.

Take these beauties for example.  Not mine.  I didn’t pay for them, didn’t receive them, didn’t have to die in order to get them or anything.  I just took a picture of them.  And now they are mine forever.  And ever and ever and ever.  Amen.


I think I like them antiqued.

rose soft faded


I just love roses.  Yellow roses are some of my favorites.  But my absolute favorite flowers are Freesias.  They are the most heavenly smelling things this side of… heaven?  I had yellow and purple ones in my wedding bouquet.  It wouldn’t have been complete without them.  They were from my Mommy’s yard.  Thanks Mommy!  They don’t grow here.  Or if they do, they would require a greenhouse, which I’m not really in the market for.

What is your favorite flower?

You know what else I like?  Other people’s faces.



They are beautiful and they don’t stare back at me in the mirror every day. I don’t notice their every flaw.  I look at them as the pieces of art that they are.  I guess that’s why I really want to become a real live photographer some day.  People are the greatest pieces of art.  God’s most amazing pieces of art.  And I love capturing that.



Sam 5

Sam 1

Sam 10


7 thoughts on “Other People's Flowers

  1. A pleasant surprise. I love flowers even dry because they remind me of the beauty they once had, but like you, I think people are more important than flowers. I enjoyed looking at the faces more than the roses. This is my first comment on a blog-I don’t have one yet. Best wishes. Emma

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