So you know that a while back I decided that dadgummit (who made up that ridiculous word anyways?  It’s not something I ever say in real life but, dadgummit, I can’t help typing it for some reason), anyways, where was I?  Oh, right, DADGUMMIT I needed to do something about my arm loaves.  Well, I’m sad to report that little to no progress has been made in the shrinkage of the arm loaves.  In fact everything else that could possibly feel loafy in my body is currently feeling that way.  Ten times loafier than I want them to feel.  I’d like them, if they have to resemble anything in the bread world to resemble more of a whole wheat cracker.  Maybe a piece of Melba toast.  But the loafiness has got to come to an end.  Arm loaves are the curse of my life.  The bane of my existence.  The toe jam to my… well, I have no yang for that yin but you get the general idea.

Anyways today we got something that will hopefully help me rid my world of loaves of all kinds.  I am hopeful that it will because I am motivated by exercise that is fun and this is really fun.  Plus it tells you the ugly truth about things like your body mass index and your fitness age.  And the truth, folks… well, the truth is really what I just said.  Ugly.  And scary.  And embarassing.

I’ll keep you posted on whether or not any of my hopes materialize.

Okay but enough about arm loaves and depressing truths that must be faced, let’s talk about how my man can hula okay?  The Pastor, it turns out, can really boogey.  The man can get down with the best of them.  Okay so I don’t think he will go up against Jon Travolta in any Saturday Night Fever dance-offs or anything like that.  But boy howdy… the man can hula hoop like anything.  (Maybe I’m exaggerating just a wii bit… but c’mon… he’s mine, he’s cute and therefore I brag even if the truth is slightly less fantastic than I let on.)

Just look at the seriousness with which he takes this.


The determination… the sheer unadulterated drive to hula like it’s 1979.


No, no, no… I don’t believe you are getting the full effect here folks.  Check out The dancing Pastor.


14 thoughts on “The Man Can Hula

  1. Girl, you are definitely NOT Baptists! : ) I know ’cause I am a pro at the Baptist Bop – it’s all upper body and no hips. Your man’s got Elvis hips!

  2. hey, I’ll give you some options.
    Either we can, 1. Be loafy together, or 2. Work on not being loafy together, or 3. Work on not being loafy together and then give up and decide that life is too short to worry about loafy arms and then go do something really fun.
    What say you?

  3. Heather, you’ve got yourself a deal!! :^D All are decent options. And I already know that you’re a good work out partner!

    Okay, seriously though, this Wii fit is spankin’ my butt! I am so sore! LOL

  4. We gave my husband Wii Fit for Father’s Day, and he and the kids have had the BEST time with it. I haven’t worked up my nerve to try it yet because I’m not sure I really want to know my body fat index or fitness level (or whatever it is that thing measures!). I’m also terribly uncoordinated. You’ve inspired me to pull it out sometime when NO ONE is around. I’ll let you know how it goes!

    Eloise’s last blog post..Miscellany

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