My littlest man loves boxing.  It’s his favorite game to play on the Wii and it’s one of his favorite things to do with his Daddy lately.  (His other favorite is cuddling.)  Call me selfish but I really don’t want my kids being in any sport that has a likely potential to cause facial disfigurement or dental damage.  This means that boxing is right out (not to mention that whole problem of likely brain damage.)  It also means that I am never going to pay for hockey.  I mean, does it make sense to pay for braces for the kids’ teeth and then to go and pay to have those same teeth knocked clean out of their heads?  I didn’t think so.

Same thing goes for noses.  I worked 9 months helping to get that nose formed and I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if I go and pay to have the thing misaligned in the name of sports.

That rant being said and done and over with, I feel it is now safe to move on with the original intent of this post and that is to show you how much my baby loves punching his Daddy.  If you imagine him making lots of manly grunting sounds that you would likely hear on a Rocky Balboa movie or a Street Fighter video game  you would have it just about right.  (Did I just date myself?  Does Street Fighter even exist anymore?  Last time I heard anything about Street Fighter was when it was Street Fighter II… long about the same time that the “man in my life” was 15 years old.)

I will narrate this with original Batman like sound effects.  They will be very realistic.  And ever so convincing. You will actually feel like you are there.  You will begin to perspire and your heart will pound within your chest as each blow will penetrate you to your very core.

Or you’ll just say, “Oh that is so darn cute.  How sweet is that?”

One or the other is likely to be true.











“I wuv you Daddy.  Wet’s put our noses togedda, okay?”


9 thoughts on “The Boxer

  1. “Oh, that is so darn cute!” No, really! It is! : ) My favorite is the last one. And…I’m with ya on the noses and teeth!

  2. Very cute! We have the wii and have a blast playing the sports game. I still can’t beat hubby at boxing though. LOL
    Street Fighter still exists, I think. I still see it in some arcades. I wonder if they’ll come up with a new one for the Wii or something. We still have my old Super NES with Street Fighter which he’ll pull out and play sometimes. 🙂

    Saph @ Walk With Me’s last blog post..Under $6 Sale at Classic Closeouts

  3. Hee hee! (Thanks for not saying, “Oh, you poor thing.” LOL People that say that to me get the evil eye… and they get a little extra somethin’ from me (like steam coming out my ears) if they say it within earshot of my kids!

    I’ve been to your blog Hallie (via Ree’s place also). Funny stuff! :^D

    How? We just do. And when we are not feeling tempted to throw ourselves out of the nearest 4th story window we truly love it! They are each a treasure… loud, pesky and sometimes smelly treasures!

  4. Hi Nan,
    Loved the pictures of baby and pastor…also cracking up at his hoola hooping moves! He is very serious!
    You guys live too far away!!!
    love you,

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