I’m mad at Ikea.  I know it is probably the apex of pointlessness to be mad at a big box store but I’m mad none the less.  The reason:  They are dumb.


So we’ve been steadily hacking away at finishing out our basement over the past several weeks.  The Pastor has spent most of his spare time down there happily hammering and sawing and drilling and what not.  I’m happy to report that almost all of the framing is completed, with just a few bangs of the hammer left to bring that step of the process to completion. Tonight The Pastor and a good friend are going to get started on the electrical.  And let me say this, Thank God for friends who are handy!  They are such a gift to mankind!  Pray for no sudden pipe breakages or surprise geysers.  My Dad and brother are coming all the way up from California in a couple of weeks to help us with the plumbing aspect.  So on the things-to-accomplish end things are moving right along.

So where does me smiting Ikea fit into all of this?  Well, we’ve been to Ikea no less than four times in preparation for this project.  We’ve worked over several scenarios for the little kitchen type area we are planning.  We’ve measured and re-measured and re-re-measured and re-re-re-measured (you can never measure enough when you are a family blessed with abilities that are almost entirely limited to the liberal arts… math is not our spesheeality.)  We’ve contemplated and argued and discussed and bantered and changed our plans at least three times, trying to come to an affordable and workable plan.  Finally on our last trip to Ikea, on Monday, we made a final decision and ((gasp)) an actual purchase on some free standing kitchen cabinets.

Yes, the red cabinets got nixed in all of our indecision and weighing of costs.  I was sad to see them go but to tell you the truth, The Pastor and I are notorious for our Ikea construction related arguments.  They tend to go down in the history books and annals of our marriage.  So the less we can do wrong, the better.  And free standing equals less can go wrong.

So we had finally settled on this particular kitchen set up.  We went and wrote it all down, double checked everything and made the order.  We spent no less than 3 1/2 hours at Ikea on Monday.  The kids were exhausted.  We were exhausted.  The store was probably exhausted from our presence there.  We all wanted to collapse and take naps in one of their bedroom setups.  But we were happy, for we were finally done with Ikea!  We were happy to say that we were not going to have to go back to Ikea for a very long time.  I would be happy to never see a $1.99 kids meatball plate again.

Well, our shipment was scheduled to arrive today.  And just about an hour ago we did get the shipment.  However, this morning we were called and told that two of the cabinets that we ordered were not in stock and the “system” would not allow them to be special ordered.  UM… HELLO??????  Do you think you could have maybe put a sign to that affect on the items in question?  Do you think people might decide not to buy AN ENTIRE KITCHEN worth of stuff if they were to find out that, say… they weren’t going to be able to get the kitchen sink cabinet?  Minor details.

The lady I spoke to on the phone was actually quite nice and understanding because her job title is apparently Human Punching Bag for Disgruntled Angry Customers. This is the umpteenth time we’ve decided on the showroom floor to purchase something at Ikea, only to go downstairs (or in this case get a call after the whole day was blown) and find out that it’s been discontinued or is out of stock until the year 2493.  Happened Monday with another item too actually, which I then asked if we could please have the floor model then since they have it advertised up there with no sign whatsoever that it was discontinued or out of stock.  I’m just curious if the downstairs at Ikea ever communicates or has computers that connect to the upstairs at Ikea.  Talk about poor management.

So now we have everything else for this kitchen project sitting in our garage with the possibility that the sink cabinet and another cabinet may not come in until October or something like that.  Of course it could come in tomorrow.  Apparently there is just no way of knowing these things,  Nevermind that UPS can probably manage to track a box of gafilte fish that you want sent straight from Germany to your cousin Pedro in Puerto Rico.  I guess Ikea uses the Pony Express to deliver its kitchen cabinets and they haven’t discovered the internet or the telephone so it’s all but impossible to know when or even if items that they have in their showroom will arrive in the country.

Sorry, sarcasm is sort of my forté.  It’s a gift.

So I could have these items by next week or they might never come and we’ll have to return the entire kitchen and start over and pick something completely different.  At this point I’d happily choose to buy something from any other source besides Ikea but the awful truth is that they are the most affordable option.  Anything else will cost a good bit more.

So here I am.  This is my official smiting of Ikea, even though the lady in the Human Punching Bag Department was a doll and a delight.  I’m mad at the store.

Ikea, thy name is mud.

8 thoughts on “Ikea, I shall smite thee

  1. Just to let you know: I went to the Ikea website and found their “contact us” section. I wrote a short note suggesting they read your blog and included the url! Who knows, maybe you’ll get some help!


  2. I threatened a large chain Hotel with a write up on my blog, as well as a negative post on every review of hotels I could find…and got ALL of my money back. I was furious with them and after 3 days of complaining and getting nowhere I simply told them I was done, was going to tell the whole story on my blog and put the link with the negative ratings. As soon as I said that it got resolved very quickly.

    Jyl’s last blog post..Cajun Scallops and Grits

  3. Grrrr…I really hate it when a store screws up and they are nice about it the whole time and all they can say is that they are sorry. Thanks. That really rectifies the problem! The world can go on because you are sorry. I like it better when you can talk to someone who will argue with you because it makes me feel better that I am not the only angry person on the planet at that moment! LOL 🙂

    I hope things work out and the Pony Express makes it there sooner than later! 🙂

    I’ve never been to IKEA but between your experience here and my brother’s experience (most of his IKEA stuff isn’t worth the particle board that they used to put it together – but it looks nice!) I don’t think I’d care to go into one!

    Risa’s last blog post..Some Past Due Pictures

  4. I’m sorry about stupid Ikea. The last time I went into one I came out with a migraine. Hope you’re able to get your cabinets!

  5. Oh dear…I always have issues with Ikea. Their stuff is fine (especially for the price you pay), but I’ve never been delighted with their customer service. The problem with those huge conglomerate companies is that they don’t have to care. KWIM? A mom/pop store needs your business and will do whatever they can to insure you are a repeat customer. Ikea really isn’t concerned about you or me. There are a zillion other folks right behind us ready to plop down their money there.

    Sorry you’re in a pickle over the kitchen re-do.

  6. ROFL! Sorry about your experience, but that is sooo funny! Kinda goes with the saying, “everything but the kitchen sink!”

    Cookie’s last blog post..Day 2

  7. OMG! I would have spit the dummy and insisted they take the lot back if they couldn’t give me a date for the other bits.

    But then, I tend to do that a lot; cut my own nose off to spite my face, my mum would say.

    Maybe you should try calling back the Human Punching Bag Department and just keep yelling and insisting to speak to someone higher up until you reach someone who can actually help you?

    It’s worked before, might be worth a try…

    Jane @ Kidzarama’s last blog post..WonderHubby’s Comfort Food for Lucky Wives

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