This recipe possibly seems like a total no-brainer to some but I know that sometimes in the evening I am so hungry and have thought so little in advance of dinner time that I am just too ravenous to come up with anything to eat. Here is about the quickest way I know to make a super yummy taco salad that you could even feed to guests and get compliments for. You don’t have to tell them that it took you 8 minutes to assemble. It will be our dirty little secret.

Here are your ingredients:

1 Bag of Hearts of Romaine Lettuce (or whatever other lettuce you like)

Photobucket1 to 1 1/2 Cups Mexican Style or Tex Mex shredded cheese Photobucket1 Store bought rotisserie Chicken (Just the meat folks. No bones please. This is about the only step that requires more work than mindlessly opening a can or bag and haphazardly dumping.) Photobucket1 Can black beans (drained and rinsed) Photobucket1 Can olives (drained) Photobucket3 Scallions (chopped up) PhotobucketSeveral handfuls of your favorite corn chips (broken up).  My real dirty little secret is that I actually really like mine with coronary artery disease in a bag Fritos. Photobucket1 to 2 Avocados (sliced up) PhotobucketOkay, so mix all of that up together in a big bowl.  Just dump it all in and stir wildly. Let your pent up emotions out. It’s quick taco salad, not pretty taco salad so therefore it doesn’t have to look pretty.  Don’t you like how the name of it sets you free like that?  It just has to taste darn good. And it will. I promise.  Okay so in another smaller bowl mix the ingredients for the dressing.  There’s nothing easier than this. In all honesty when I make it I measure it in blops.  But “one blop of this and one blop of that” doesn’t sound very good so I’m giving you estimates of how much I use.  Mix it all up and either dress portions of your salad individually (if you want to save any for leftovers this is the best way to do it) or dress the whole kit ‘n’ kaboodle at once because you’ll likely consume the whole thing in one sitting.1/2 cup of Ranch Dressing

Photobucket1/2 cup of your favorite salsa Photobucket1/4 cup of sour cream Photobucket3 – 5 shakes of Tabasco Sauce Photobucket1 Can diced green chilies Photobucket That’s it.  Taco salad, whether I make it a little more gourmet or whether I throw it together in 8.2 minutes, is one of my favorite meals.  It’s because deep down I am part Mexican.  I’m just sure of it.  I’m just a really washed out Mexican.  (And I realize fully that this meal doesn’t  really constitute real Mexican food.  But work with me people.)

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