So he’s not a baby.  I get that.  But dangit, he’ll always be my baby so get used to me calling him that.  Okay?

Good,  got that out of the way.
Okay, so my baby is the most verbose of all of my children at this age.  Truthfully all of my children have been very verbose from a very early age.  People sit next to them and expect to hear some sort of unrecognizable language and instead the kid won’t shut up.  This might seem like a gift, but I guarantee you it has its drawbacks.  When someone who is 30 inches tall knows how to have a really good knock down, drag out argument… with the implementation of even a couple of logic skills… and throw in a couple of good conniving tactics for good measure, things can get very frustrating is what I’m saying.

So Today as I am sitting with my baby as he is sitting, reluctantly, on the potty waiting for something to happen, this happens when one of his brothers walks by:

Baby: Dummy. Dumb. Dummy dummy dumb dumb.

Me:  Heyyyyyy…. we don’t call people “dummy” or “dumb” (ahem… nevermind what we call really bad drivers who almost run us down in supermarket parking lots though okay?)

Baby:  (Innocently) Mommy, I not call him dumb. I call him GOOD dummy. VERRRRY GOOOD dummy.  That’s good!!!

Me (in my head): Liar.

This is an ornery one, let me tell ya.  Don’t let that photo up there fool you.  He is no dummy.  (But if he is… he’s  a VERY good one!  And a stinkin’ cute one.)

8 thoughts on “"Baby" boyisms…

  1. What is it with the “baby”? I was just snuggling mine today fresh from the bath in her towel and telling her how she used to be only this big and now, look at her, she’s THIS BIG! And she’s rather sassy. Does God make the youngest one the cutest one because they give us the biggest run for our money??? Mercy.

  2. So cute 🙂 I have a five year old daughter that started talking when she was about 9 months. Her first word was puppy second was Coke. She was speaking in complete sentences by the age of two. She NEVER shuts up and it gets her in loads of trouble in Sunday School. Adorable post 🙂 Great pictures as usual.

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