Yesterday was such a perfect day. The weather was beautiful and the mountains were calling our names.  (Can you tell that I have a Fraulein Maria complex?  The hills are alive.  For real man.)

In the morning we woke up and felt the definite need for donuts.


This is a need that must not be denied.  If it is, bad things could happen.  Plus it’s just a fun little family tradition.  So we all got dressed and proved how Canadian  we have become by making our way to only the best place to get a faithfully good cup of coffee and yummy donuts… and Breakfast Sandwiches… Ohhhh…. breakfast sandwiches…. I could wax eloquent about the breakfast sandwiches… but I’m afraid I would break into song and lyrics about breakfast sandwiches don’t tend to fit well into tunes like, Edelweiss.   I’ll spare you.  Trust me, you’re lucky.  (My family?  Not so much…)  Where was I?  Oh yes, Tim Horton’s.

Tim Hortons1

I love Tim Horton’s.  And here is an earth shattering confession.  I love Tim Horton’s… (moment of silence please) more than I love Starbucks.  (Could I have my U.S. citizenship revoked for this?)  I like it that I order a double double and it is the same degree of yumminess every single time.  I love it that I don’t have to sweeten and cream my coffee by myself.  When I do this at Starbucks I usually have to end up using something like 17 packets of sugar and 1/2 a pint of half and half.  Blah!  Much better to just go to Timmy’s where it’s perfectly yummy every single time.

Oh and the kids like it too.  There is always much deliberation that goes into which  kind of donut they will each order.  There are so many yummy choices.


This morning we had 3 maples and 1 sprinkles.


Can you get more Canadian than that?  I think not!!


And they supped upon them.  And there was much rejoicing. (Name that movie.)

B Bite 2

T bite

C maple donut boy

T bite2

The Pastor chose a Danish. I don’t know how Canadian of him that was but that’s okay.

He seriously contemplates the splendour of the Danish.

donut man2

and then proclaims its loveliness.

donut man1

(Really, he proclaimed nothing… he was just chewing.)

And as for me… my friends, I take this opportunity to now introduce you to the most wonderful invention since the lightbulb.  I give you…….. The HONEY CRULLER.  Heaven from the Oven.

honey cruller

And then of course there is the little matter of Breakfast Sandwiches…


Mmmmm…. Breakfast Sandwiches…. (can’t. stop. my. self. must. break. into. song.) Breakfast Sandwiches, Breakfast Sandwiches, every morning you greet me (not really every morning though)… Breakfast Sandwiches, Breakfast Sandwiches, you look happy to meet me…

breakfast sandwiches

Why are kids eating donuts so cute to me?  I don’t know but I plan on torturing you with more donutty cuteness for the next 1.23 minutes.

donut boy

T milk sip


deep in eating

C Milk

Ahhh… Milk. Perfect.

C Coffee

And um… he likes to finish my last drops of coffee whenever he can also.

Okay… so that covers breakfast.  Ha ha. That leaves just 10 more hours of play by play of our perfect day….

After breakfast we went back home and picked up Bruce and headed out to the mountains.

Nan in car

We had to stop and get stuff for lunch first though.  That picture there is just to prove that I’m a real person.  A real person with an apparent goiter problem.  What is with all of those neck rolls?  Yikes.

Bruce is not too fond of waiting in a parked car.  He doesn’t like any of his peeps to leave the vehicle.


The rest of the day went something like this.


cascade ponds1



C water




Oh, and a lot of this.








And I mean, a lot!




This is going to be a new favorite Summer spot.  The kids had a blast, we had a blast and Bruce…  well, you can tell that he was in his element.

After our time in the water we took a little walk around the ponds.


boys road



B bridge

Here Bruce is noshin’ in a bunch of grass.


Perhaps he swallowed too much pond water.

Nosh nosh. Nom nom nom…


After our little hike we jumped in the car and drove the Minnewanka loop.  We’ve driven it a few times but no matter how many times I drive it, as soon as we drive past Two Jack Lake, I have the overwhelming urge to either jump in (and as Bill Cosby once said, “turn into an enormous goose pimple.”) or to go out and buy a canoe the first chance I get.  Something about the color of this water does things to the deepest reaches of my soul.




If you ever get the chance to visit the Canadian Rockies I think you will quickly understand how I can honestly say that I will never tire of them.  And I will probably never not have the urge to take as many pictures as possible when I’m there.  They are truly spectacular.



And here I’m feeling very Ansel Adams…


And here I’m feeling all, “I love the color turquoise…. especially when on boats.”

turquoise boats2

turquoise boats

Not saying I want to buy a pair of bridesmaid’s shoes and dye them this color but it really works for boats, ya know?

And here we are on the way home and me suddenly falling in love with hay bales.  That great symbol of agriculture.  That great big reminder of our favorite breakfast cereal (Shredded Wheat).  Why do I love hay bales so much?  I love seeing hundreds of them across a field.



hay bailsC

And here I am being a nerd.

Exhibit A:

Me mirror1

Exhibit B:

me mirror2

And that’s it.  That was our perfect day.  What does a perfect day for you look like?

14 thoughts on “A Perfect Day…

  1. That looks like a ton of fun Nan! My, it is beautiful up there! And yay for the donuts! We have Tim Hortons, here too! Their breakfast sandwiches are to die for!! And, I do agree, it is so much easier when someone else adds the cream and sugar for you. I mean, if I am going to add it myself, I might as well just make coffee at home!!

    Christine’s last blog post..Because it is no fun if it can’t be read….

  2. Pilgrim, for your correct answer you will be awarded with a beautiful 11×14 print of a photograph of Lake Louise! I shall deliver it to you the next time I see you! :^D See, sometimes it pays to have The Holy Grail memorized.

  3. What a great day indeed! We just got back from camping with the grandparents and the kids had a blast getting all dirty, splashing in the river etc. I love watching them getting dirty, and not worrying about it! There’s something about camping that just says, “Get as dirty as possible!” Now it’s time to wash all the dirty laundry…

  4. Those doughnut faces were just too cute! And then that perfect day of yours with the most magnificent views blew me away ~ WOW!!! Thanks for sharing all the pics, I enjoyed them so much.

    Debbie’s last blog post..WIP # 2

  5. I read that entire, beautiful post and here’s what I got out of it: Tim Horton’s rocks! As an American married to a Canadian, I have been exposed to the gloriousness that is Timmy’s I relish our trips to the homeland (haha) as an opportunity to make an absolute pig of myself at the local Tim Horton’s. We stop there as soon as the plane lands and visit *at least* once day until we fly home again. Sad, really. lol

  6. I found out about T HO’s when we moved to Port Huron. My favorite treat is a fruit explosion muffin!!! It looks like the rest of your day was as great as your breakfast!

    Christina’s last blog post..Sweet

  7. Awesome photos! Looks like a wonderful day – and Tims is the only coffee. Yep. Okay, so I’ve never had a starbucks (we don’t have one here) but just the idea of trying to order a coffee with seven parts to its name scares me. 😉

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