I am the most shameless tooth fairy ever.  I also am not very stealthy.  I’ve therefore given up trying to dupe my son into believing in the tooth fairy.  Today his tooth was so loose that he looked like the 8 year old boy version of Nanny McPhee.  In fact we were calling him Nanny McPhee for the better part of the morning when we were out to breakfast.  He was so inspired by the nickname he decided that he needed to go home and watch it.

Well, when I tell you that I am the most shameless tooth fairy ever, what I mean to tell you is that I am a tooth fairy that stoops to bribery.  I couldn’t stand to look at that dangly snaggletooth any longer and bribed the child to let me pull the tooth out once and for all.  He is not a big fan of having his teeth pulled though so I had to go a little higher in the dollar department than I had hoped to go.  But I just couldn’t look at that thing any longer.  Anyone who knows me knows that I can’t stand it when pictures are crooked on the wall.  Last year some friends of ours housesat for us and as a joke had all of the pictures hanging crooked upon our return.  This tooth was like a crooked picture shining forth its white beaming light at me every time I looked at my child’s otherwise lovely smile.  It was torture, I tell you… TORTURE!

But alas, bribery works wonders.

toothless B

That’s what I’m talkin’ about!  I feel much better.  And that gaping hole is one of the cutest things ever, I do declare!

Well, it’s right up there with this anyways…

C b&w

5 thoughts on “The Shameless Tooth Fairy

  1. We had to bribe Jo with $5 to let Danny pull one of her baby teeth. She’d had a baby root canal after a trike accident left her with an abcess and the tooth wasn’t coming out like it was supposed to. The tooth behind it had almost completely grown in and we were worried that the baby tooth was making it come in crooked. $5 was her breaking point. That’s a lot of money for a 7yo. She still screamed bloody murder and Danny had to sit over top of her to hold her down while he pulled it. She was a bit of a drama queen.

    Great shots of both of your boys. Their eyes really stand out nicely in those–different colors, but two beautiful pairs of eyes.

    Jenni in KS’s last blog post..Music in the Park – Los Gatos

  2. Ha! We just played out that exact same scenario around here this morning! With the lovely gaping hole in the exact same spot! It’s been weeks and weeks that tooth was wanting to come out, but we just couldn’t pull it, and so this morning while the little princess was moping around not wanting to do her chores, I said to her,”what you need is a hug.” So I hugged and she rested her chin on my shoulder, and viola! Out came that tooth! I’ll try to get her mug on our blog too today.

    Helen’s last blog post..U.S. Voting

  3. too funny! Ethan told me there is no way he is believing in the tooth fairy, not even gonna have it. Now I dont have to be sneaky or give money right? If you dont believe you dont get…is that how it works? He is such a cutie…oh and I dont like crooked picture either *shudder*.

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