Okay, so I don’t think I’ve posted quite 1,393,211 times about The Hot Pastor that I am allowed to spend the night with.  Every.  Single.  Night.  But a picture is worth a thousand words, right?   Today, however, couldn’t go by without me mentioning just how hot I find The Pastor to be.  Don’t get you’re pantyhose in a knot.  I’m allowed, nay encouraged (Song of Solomon seems to encourage it anyways), to elaborate on the hotness of my pastor because he’s mine.  You might dig a man in uniform or in chaps… and I can’t blame you for that but I don’t know… I for one am quite partial to this clerical collar thing we’ve got goin’ on.  I find him quite fetching in it.

TP bw3

He’s about to go and officiate a wedding this evening so today I thank God for marriage.  I’m thankful for marriage in general because, well it’s a fabulous institution and I’m happily institutionalized and plan to remain that way forever or as close to forever as possible.  And I’m thankful for our particular marriage because not only is my pastor totally hot, he is someone that I respect… not because of his piety or because he is always so good all of the time (he’s not.)  But because he’s just a man (who happens to be hot), a man who messes up, who needs forgiveness and apologizes frequently, who offers forgiveness for the many ways in which I screw up and fail, and mostly because he desires for God to truly be sanctifying him, through and through, no matter how long it takes.  And lastly I’m thankful for the marriage of these folks he’s marrying tonight because it means that today he looks like this:

TP art bw

And that makes me really happy.  On a temporal level.

I’m sticking with him for the long haul.

TP bw 2

But for right now… all I can say is Hubba Hubba.  Somebody fetch me a fan and some smelling salts…. for I believe I’m going to……

TP bw4

10 thoughts on “The Hot Pastor: Episode 1,393,211

  1. You are the cutest! These are great photos, by the way. I enjoy when you do the “hot Pastor” posts! It’s refreshing to hear you talk about how MUCH you love him and what you love ABOUT him. Alot of women only complain about their hubbies! I truely wish we lived closer to you guys! You are so much fun! God has very richly blessed your family.

    Danielle & Jeff’s last blog post..The Rest Of The Story

  2. That’s one sexy man of God there, Nan. Okay, I’m sorry, that sexy man of God line is the best danged thing about Raising Helen and I’ve got to say it every once in a while. Plus, wasn’t Mr. Whatshisface-used-to-be-on-NorthernExposure cute when he said it? Wasn’t he? I rest my case. Enjoy your hawt pastor. And, whew, that Song of Solomon is some steamy readin’ ain’t it? Who needs romance novels when you can read that?

    Jenni in KS’s last blog post..Music in the Park – Los Gatos

  3. LOL You girls are hilarious! Yes, Jenni, I love that Raising Helen line! And yes, he was cute! (I think so anyways.)

    Thanks for your sweet comments Danielle! You are such an awesome blog buddy! :^D

  4. Oh your to funny Nan. I’m glad you find your pastor so Hot! I am completely comfortable with that but have a hard time coming out and saying anybody with a collar is Hot…your husband (without the collar to remind me he’s a man of the cloth) is definetely a handsome fellow though. I do enjoy hearing how much you love your husband though.

    Queen of My Domain’s last blog post..Teaching an old dog new tricks

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