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Tonight I made a really fabulous dinner.  It was sort of a mix between this and this with a couple of extra twists.  The twists were big enough though that it really seemed like quite a different dish from both of those though.  In fact, it was so different that I it might not be anything like either of those two delightful dishes.  I wouldn’t quite know because I wouldn’t touch anything that has shrimp in it.  Being the uncultured swine that I am, the only seafood that I like comes in a can and it’s called Tuna.  Either way though, the twist on both of those dishes that I made tonight made for a winning recipe on its own accord.  Have you posted any of your most winning recipes?  What’s your favorite dinner that you make (especially if you made it up out of your head and the contents of your refrigerator)?

I don’t have any pictures to prove how yummy it looked and I can’t mash it through the internet cables for you to get a taste of it so you’re just going to have to believe me when I tell you that it was really, really yummy.  Okay?

We’ll call it Chicken and Spinach Penne Rosé.  How does that sound?

First I started some water boiling for the pasta.  While that was getting ready I sauteed about 4-5 chicken breasts in some olive oil and butter.  (Let me say right here that this recipe made enough for about 8 adults.)  I cooked them for about 8 minutes maybe (until they were almost fully cooked.)  Then I removed them to a different bowl.

I threw in some more olive oil and butter and sauteed my onions and garlic.  (1/2 of one large onion and 3 cloves of garlic.)  While they were cooking I rinsed about 6 cups of fresh spinach. (The spinach was my brain child.)  Then I squeezed it dry with paper towels to remove as much moisture as I could.  I also cut in half about 20 or so grape tomatoes.  (Here’s where it’s like Ree’s Zucchini Farfalle dish.) I just adore grape tomatoes. I am not really a raw tomato person but I love them cooked and grape tomatoes are so sweet and juicy.

When the onions were translucent and fairly well cooked I threw in about 1/2 to 3/4 cup of white wine and stirred it up nicely then let it cook for a couple of minutes to let some of the wine evaporate.  Then I threw in the tomatoes and the spinach.  I sauteed for a couple more minutes until the spinach began to wilt.

(And here’s where it starts to resemble Betsy’s Penne Pasta)  Then I poured in one can of tomato sauce (not quite 2 cups worth).  Gave it a good stir and then added just shy of two cups of table cream or coffee cream (whichever cream is 18% m.f.)  Yes, it’s evil… more evil than half and half… but not quite as evil as heavy cream which I very easily  could have done! So you should thank your lucky stars that I opted for the “low fat” version!  I chopped somee fresh herbs (parsley and basil will never fail you!) and tossed them in as well.  Then I added about 1 tsp. of salt (perhaps a little bit more).  I stirred this all together until well combined and then let it simmer, uncovered, for about 10 more minutes over medium-low heat.

I placed my pasta in a large serving bowl and then dumped the beautiful chicken/sauce mixture over it and gave it a few good stirs.  Mmmmm…. It was smelling divine!

We ate it with feta cheese (this was also my twist on it) crumbled over the top and Mmmmm… it was so so yummy!  I love cooking and making up my own recipes and I also love tweaking other recipes when I think I might have a nice twist on it.  This one proved to be a really awesome twist!  You’ll have to try it!

Okay and I will be honest and tell you that my two year old didn’t like it… but really, I don’t think he even tried any part of it but the chicken. He seems to be going through a meat only phase when it comes to dinner. He used to eat pretty much anything we put in front of him but lately has gotten quite picky, demanding more and more chicken and less and less (or adamantly NONE) of anything else.

Tonight after dinner we did our regular scripture reading after which the children have a chance to pray if they want to.  He wanted to pray first so he prayed, “Dear God, I pray for dinner.  I didn’t like it.  Amen.”  At least he’s honest when he comes before The Almighty.


Unrelated to dinner my baby was just full of funny quotes tonight.  Before dinner he prayed, “Dear God, I pray for the food.  And that Mom doesn’t get too tired.  I pray for my toy, General Grievous…. (looking up) Hey… where is my General Grievous?”

At the store today he saw Yoda and other Star Wars characters on a shopping cart, “Hey! It’s Jabba and a storm twoopa!”  (He still has some of his Star Wars characters confused, the poor misguided fellow.)

Earlier he was telling us about a dream about a bear that he had had during his nap (which caused him, ironically, to wake up quite the bear.) “I had a scary dream.  There was a bear and he was gonna get me.  And then I  got out my bear bell and then I said “BAHHHHH!” to him.” (Note: “bear bells,” for what they are worth, are intended to be used to scare away bear visitors when you go camping in bear country. And “Bahhh” is the low growly sound that we were instructed by our dog trainer to issue towards our dog when he is doing some undesirable deed.)

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