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T thinking

School started yesterday here.  You should have seen my 4 year old (almost 5) who is starting Kindergarten when I said, “Is everyone ready to start school?”  He almost did a back flip he was so excited.  Fortunately his excitement lasted all the way through two whole lessons before starting to fizzle out. Ha ha!  No, really, we had a great day and a good start to the year.

T working 2

T working

That’s my four year old taking his work very seriously.  We have our real math books, Math-U-See, which we love, and then we have these fun little extras that he has been looking forward to cracking open ever since they came in the mail.


Kumon sent me these sort of as free samples because I own a blog and they maybe figured that if I liked them I’d say something nice about them.  I made no such promises but I told them I’d willingly accept anything that they’d like to give to me for free so a few weeks later we got a delightful box full of the cutest, most colorful workbooks ever.  They are fabulous little extras to help solidify whatever your child is learning in their regular lessons.  The kids just love the fun illustrations and the bright, cheerful colors.  So, while I made no promises of glowing recommendations to Kumon when they sent me these books, I am happy to do it anyways.  They were a really fun addtion to our first day of school in all of their bright and shiny newness.

I don’t know how it happened so quickly but I suddenly have three school aged children and only one non-school aged child, who thinks he’s a school aged child.  He has a desk and work books and wants to do school like everyone else.  So I sort of have four school aged children… Only… one of them is 2 years old.

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8 thoughts on “School!

  1. So cute 🙂 We start school next Tuesday. My oldest is starting Kindergarten and is soooo excited. Hopefully it will last! Have you ever considered doing posts on your fave curriculum? I like to see what others are using and why they like it.

  2. It’s been so long since I’ve had a kindergartner that I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like! 🙂 He’s so cute! I love the way that they are usually so excited for the year to start and then it just becomes school after about a week! LOL

    We started school last week but I still haven’t gotten all of our curriculum so I’m hoping we can get everything started sometime next week after the holiday…we’ll see! 🙂

    Risa’s last blog post..Eight!

  3. I’m always happy to see what others are using and how they like it. It’s helpful to a newbie like me.

    We’ve been using Kumon’s Addition and Simple Subtraction workbooks over the summer as a laid-back way to stay connected to concepts. Urban Kid 1 has enjoyed using them, so we’ll keep them as supplements during the regular year. And I can see Urban Kid 2 using the tracing and maze books as she gets older and wants to play along. Nice stuff that Kumon has!

    We start tomorrow. Tis the season, huh? Where the heck did summer go so fast?

    Urban Mom’s last blog post..Tag Me? Tag YOU!

  4. I’m confused. How old are your middle boys? Are both 4 right now, until one turns 5? You mentioned “my four year old” twice, but I think it’s different kids. (one shot isn’t a full head shot, but the shirt’s different). Just wondering. Good luck to your year!

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