• Being in my friend’s wedding!  One of my dear friends is getting married in exactly 9 1/2 days from now.  And because it’s always fun to take some iota of credit for another person’s happiness, I’d like to take this opportunity to say that they met in the small college and careers group that met at our house for the past almost two years.   Seriously though, I’m so happy for them and this is the first wedding in ages that I have been completely excited about…  Now I loved being in the weddings of some of my dearest friends and my sister of course.  I’m so glad I was able to.  But in all of those instances, I was nursing a baby.  Nursing a baby, if you don’t know, can be difficult while wearing a long formal dress… especially when all of your babies are notorious for their eruptive tummies and such.  It can make for a nerve-racking day.  So I am looking forward to this wedding for many reasons, one of them being the freedom with which I’ll be able to enjoy it!  Plus, I just love weddings… I love seeing my friends so happy.  I’m excited also that whenever I am not doing bridesmaidly duties I will be shooting pictures — but without the pressure of being the official photographer.

sc inverse1

  • Finishing the basement project!  It is coming along.  Thanks to so many people who have helped and to my husband who spends every minute that he is not preparing a sermon or studying for something, visiting people in the hospital, helping friends or counseling people, working on the basement.  And when he isn’t doing any of those things he is likely thinking about working on the basement.  Some of our dearest long time friends, John and Heather will be moving up here within the next year and we couldn’t be more excited.  We plan to have them up for a visit, along with their five awesome kids, in September and this basement must be finished by then!  Plus when you’ve been working on a project like this, you just get to a point where you really want to see it done.  Couple more inspections and a lot more hours are required to bring it to completion… but we are getting close enough that we can almost taste it!

Picture 9

  • Having John and Heather and their kids here!  I seriously just cannot wait

Nan Heather 1

SJ minawanka

  • A super cool job that I have taken on, working for one of the best bloggers on the internet.  Not gonna say much more than that at this time… eventually will probably say more.  But I just have to tell you, I have the best boss ever!
  • Working towards getting permanent residency here (sort of like a Green Card in the states) so that I can begin taking this photography thing a little more seriously and getting myself “out there.”

Canadian Flag

  • Some fun birthday ideas for my two youngest guys.  I came up with a fun plan to get them real dress-up stuff for their birthdays.  For “my baby” I have gotten a whole cowboy get-up with real chaps and all.  I still have to find the perfect cowboy hat but it’s coming together perfectly.  Thank you Ebay!  For my four year old (who will turn five), and who has now and then suggested that he might like to be a doctor when he grows up and who prizes even his toy medical kit components like they are gold, I have rounded up an awesome selection of real medical goodies.  A real stethoscope, real otoscope, pediatric b/p cuff, a snoopy arm theme… and a real hypodermic needle.  Just kidding about the hypodermic needle.  I did get him a pretend one though, one that is intended to look real.  Oh and real scrubs and a lab coat.  Thank you Ebay!!!  I love you Ebay!!!  I have had so much fun finding all of this stuff online and I can’t wait to give it to them.  I think they are really going to like them.
  • Fall.  I know.  I can’t believe I’m saying it either.  It’s strange because as a native Californian it took me a while to start looking forward to the seasonal changes around here, so used to temperate climate all year round was I.  But now I find myself, at the proper times no less, actually looking forward to all of the seasonal changes that occur… even if they do mean that 6-7 months of winter is possibly just around the corner.  You can slap me about the face and remind me that I said this when I start complaining about the snow in October and November.
  • Helping my kids learn to read.  While it’s not something that I truly enjoy the process of, the end result is so awesome of a reward that I do look forward to doing this with them.  It can be hard and painstaking on some days but I just can’t wait to see it click with them… and then to sit back an watch them fly with it.  I think the lights are really going to go on for my middle two guys this year.  Hopefully they will be devouring books like their big brother is by this time next year…

4 thoughts on “Things I'm excited about…

  1. Can’t wait to hear more about your blogging job, and to hear about your photography work when you get everything straightened out. I’m sure you’ll do great with both because in the short time I’ve been followig your blog I’ve seen that you are a great writer and a wonderful photographer.

    Jacqueline’s last blog post..Homeschool Memoirs #1 – All About You

  2. Hey! You’ve got me all excited for you too! Look forward to seeing how things pan out. You’ll keep us updated, right?

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