You all know from experience that I love bragging on my man here at my blog.  It’s just one of the ways that I let my husband know that I’m thinking happy thoughts about him even when he’s not around.  It helps me to remember all of the things about him that I love so much.  And it gives me a chance to showcase his hotness, which, I don’t know… is sort of a hobby I guess.  I like taking pictures of him cause he’s hot.

TP bw3

And he’s mine… which is a really nice combo. I must say.  And where else does a woman get the chance to tell the world how much she loves her husband, other than on her own blog?

There is enough man bashing out there to make my ovaries ache and my fallopian tubes shake in their boots.  Don’t ask me why my ovaries would ache nor just how my fallopian tubes would shake in their boots if they even had a pair, at man bashing but it’s the only thing I could think of at the moment. Work with  me folks.

So today I decided that there needed to be a place specifically designated to bragging on our men.  The sad truth is that not every woman is in a relationship with or married  to a man that they want to brag on.  This is not intended to make them feel worse about their situation.  My heart goes out to all of those in strained or even broken relationships.  None of us is married to the perfect man because the perfect man does not exist.  Nor does the perfect woman.  They are all broken deep down in some way, just like us.  But we love them and we are stickin’ with them if it’s the last thing we do.

And so I now introduce to you, a brand new blog, dedicated to letting women tell the world why they love their men…

Brag on your man-1I am going to slowly migrate all of my man bragging posts over to the new site and I welcome any of you who want to tell the world why you love your husband so much to go right ahead and do so.  Just E-mail me by clicking on the image below (either here or over at the new site)

BOYM emailbuttonand sending me your post which I will then review and put up on the new site.  You can write new stuff or send me (one at a time please) any past man-brag posts that you have made in the past at your own blog.  Don’t forget to give me your own blog address when you send me your posts!  These can be little things like “Look what he did for me today… (flowers, cleaned room, had a painting made of you…)” to bigger and possibly less concrete things.

Send me your stuff ladies!

8 thoughts on “Brag On Your Man…

  1. Thanks ladies! I hope you all help spread the word so we can have a big collection of brag on your man posts. And definitely feel free to send me more than one — as many previous posts that you’ve made as you want. Just send them in individual e-mails. :^D We already have two new ones up today!

  2. What an awesome idea! I don’t have a blog but I’ll be working on something to send in soon. My girlfriends are getting “tired” of me going on about how wonderful my husband is so this will be a great outlet for me! haha 🙂

  3. Hey, Nan. I like your brag on your man stuff. My husband always blushes when I brag on him, but you know, it’s necessary. Hey, I like your husbands collar; it suits him well. By all your blogging and facebook stuff and homeschooling your kids, I think you have way more energy than I do. Then again, I am posting at 1:30 am, but I just drank too much coffee tonight.

  4. Hi y’all,
    I have to brag on my man, too. I have been married to him for sixteen years, and he is still the hottest man I know. I really think older men are really hot, so my man will only get hotter as we get older. Whoooo!

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