I do.  And I cry at pretty much all weddings no matter who is getting married.  Okay… I think I might not cry if I happened to end up being witness to an Elvis style Las Vegas wedding… Or maybe I would cry, but for different reasons.

Yesterday one of my very dear friends got married to her best friend of all.  I was honored to be in the bridal party. I even managed to give the toast without getting my tongue tied in too many knots.  I did forget my glass at the table though.  Minor detail.

It was a beautiful wedding.  She was a gorgeous bride and her husband looked upon her with such adoration and such joy…

Every minute in which I was not doing bridesmaidly duties I was charged with taking any of the pictures that her official photographer could not get.  And he, being a friend of hers, happily allowed me to tag along behind him and learn from him and take as many pictures as I wanted.  And I readily accepted that invitation as you might imagine.

But first I have to show you my hair.  I loved it.


Or if that’s not a good angle…


It didn’t move all day and when I took the 100 bobby pins, that were holding it in place, out that night I was suddenly transformed into a wild beast, followed by an 80’s hair bear and then finally a 60’s chick.

But the main point of this post is the pictures that I took of my friend, the beautiful bride and her wonderful new husband.  AHHH!!  She’s married!!  She’s a wife!!  Hooray!


flirting tree




admiring the bride

arm wrap1 BW


kissing tree

side smile

And finally here is a picture of me and my dashing groom.


9 thoughts on “I love weddings…

  1. What lovely photos Nan and nice pic of you and your groom too!!

    I always get excited when it comes to brides and weddings no matter if I know them or not. You captured some lovely moments of the cute couple too! You look so smashing as always and I just love your Hair!

    Debbie’s last blog post..HTML, Art and Christmas

  2. They look like one of those couples that won’t stop kissing, not bad thing 😉 Nicely done and great hair! Bridesmaid and photographer makes for a busy day but is of course a great way to start! Get your residency and you’ll be fulltime in no time!

    Charla’s last blog post..EXERCISE 1

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