You may have noticed over on my sidebar two pretty little circular badges, one that says “Blissfully Domestic” and one that says “Photo Bliss.”  Blissfully Domestic is a multi-contributor site that is all about making our lives as domesticians easier, more fulfilling, more beautiful, etc… When the lady of the hour asked me to be a contributor for the photography section I was more than happy but I begged her to only make me commit to once a month because… well, my life is LIKE A FREAKIN’ LUNCHBOX as I may have mentioned before and I have just a wee bit going on as it is.  And that means it’s rather chaotic at times.

If I went through the list of reasons why I have been unable to post here this week you would likely break into a cold sweat and start exhibiting signs of Ebola Virus.  Seriously.  Your toe nails would curl and your skin would likely start peeling off and then the oozing would begin….  (I’m sorry some of you may have to scrape your sorry pale carcass up off the floor after that word picture.)  That’s how much is going on right now.  I just can’t bottle it.  I can’t express it in words.  It’s unbloggable it’s so crazy.  No, it’s not all THAT bad.  Some of it is certainly very stressful but nothing BAD.  Just insanely busy and did I mention stressful?

Plus, I’ve sort of made a pact with myself that if the only thing I am going to come to this blog to do is a huge rant about how overwhelmed I am and how impossible life sometimes looks, well… I’d better just skip right on past it.  After all, I want you to keep your skin and I don’t want to do that to your toe nails.  Not to mention (and this is the real reason) you all have your own stress to deal with and we are all overwhelmed at some point or another so why act as if it’s all about me?   But I’m here still.  My head is still above water.  So it’s all good.

Anyways,  I’m gonna be honest… “blissful” is not exactly the adjective I’d often use to describe the state of my domesticity, especially at this juncture.  But Blissfully Domestic is, in fact, a great site with all sorts of goodies.  So go on over there…. Go on.  Skidaddle.   Shoo!  I have a post up there today about how to create a watermark for your photos in Photoshop.  You’ll have to check it out!

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