I love taking fall portraits of my boys.  The intense colors of the season just call my camera’s name.

“Hello….” They call.  They sing to me.  They beckon like as unto the Hills calling Fraulein Maria.

And Fraulein Maria and I just can’t say no to the talking trees and leaves and the laughing breezes.  She and I are soul sisters.  We are suckers for anthropomorphised vegetation.  We’re also suckers for hoodies and the color brown.  And kids.  These things are true and proven.  Why else would Fraulein Maria have become Mrs. Von Trapp, doting mother to seven smiling bedimpled Austrian tow heads with british accents?  (Doesn’t that ever perplex you?  Austrian children should have Austrian accents.)

Prepare to be annoyed with an annoyingly large number of portraits.  Compare them to last year’s fall portraits. Crazy how they grow eh?

t grin2

c birds

(^ He was listening to “boodies.”)  (Two year old language for “bird.”) Sorry for the confusion. ;^P

tr crossing

all four 3

b grass 2

C by creek with finger in mouth

c Whoa

c leaf

T light

B catchlight

T crossing

creek crossing

c best

(^”It was a bood, Mom.”)

t on buffalo

b cl up bw

t dimple 2

T grins



all four2

all four1

c arms out

t1 dimple

b1 bw

Ahhhhhh, I feel much better now, having gotten all of that off of my chest.

20 thoughts on “Fall Portraits

  1. All of your boys are adorable, but you littlest makes my heart squeeze. I want to grab him, bury my face in his neck and give him the biggest raspberry ever! Oh, and grab those cheeks…definitely grab those cheeks!

    Great photos!

  2. Those are amazing photographs of some gorgeous boys! The eyelight on that first BW shot makes me feel all happy and such. I may sing to the hills myself! (By the way, speaking of being weirded out by accents not matching the person – I saw Hugh Laurie in an interview the other day and it’s so weird to see him speaking in his normal accent. He’s so good at faking an American one! Wow, I am way off topic now.)


    So… yes – these are wonderful photographs. I can’t imagine trying to take good photos of 4 Rugrats at the same time! Do they have handlers? 😉

  3. Wonderful photos – makes me want to grab mine and go off for a photo-shoot too!!
    But I have no idea what a bood is??? Should I??
    Sarcastic Mom – listening to Hugh Laurie speak in an American accent when you are used to his ‘normal’ one is even weirder!

  4. LOL Julie! (About the accent.) :^P

    It was late at night when I added that picture (cause I thought I had put it in originally.) Couldn’t think how else to spell the toddler pronunciation of birdies! LOL

  5. Oh such lovely photos! Love them all! We don’t have much color out there yet..it was almost 90 degrees outside and muggy yesterday..this crazy New England weather! Hopefully soon though..I still am in love with my fall shots from last year too!

  6. I love the pictures with all the different character facets. And I must applaud you for not doing the matchy matchy dress thing. I am always asked why I don’t dress mine alike for photos and I always answer “because they are different people”. That said, I do sometimes try to color coordinate when I can – all in denim or blue or whatever.

    I particularly like the missing tooth boy.

  7. Nan, you have just the right touch and I love your photography. And these little men of yours are just too darn cute! Thanks for taking the time to share the beautiful pics.

    Blessings – Debbie

    Debbie’s last blog post..Color My World

  8. your boys are so cute.they are so lucky ti have a mama like you..your photography is good,wish i could take tyhat good of a pic,lol….btw,added you to my blog worms hope i get a linky back thanks.

    melody’s last blog post..BULLY and BULLIED

  9. Please please PLEASE come to South Carolina and take my kids’ photos!!! You have the perfect eye for what a mother really wants in a portrait of her children. They are so beautiful and artistic and just perfect!

    We just had a portrait sitting this morning and it was a disaster! (Well, maybe not a disaster, but I’m not sure I’ll be buying any prints) Mainly because even the kids were trying to get the two-year-old to smile, instead of focusing their attention on their own facial expressions and facing the camera. Of, course as soon as the camera went “click” he said “CHEESE!” and smiled beautifully. Too little, too late kid…

    Rachel’s last blog post..Win a Beco Butterfly and Beco Toy Carrier

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