Last night as I was tucking my boys into bed this conversation took place:

Two year old:  Mommy, (grabbing my face and squishing my cheeks between his two little hands) you’re my BEEEEEEST Fwend.  And my Daddy…. he’s my best fwend too.

Me:  Awww… you are so sweet.

Two year old:  Yes, I AM sweet amn’t I?

Four year old (from up in the top bunk)Mommy, when I grow up I want to be your wife.

Me (chuckling):  Well, honey, you can’t be a wife because you are a boy… Do you mean, you want to marry me?

Four year old:  Yes, that’s what I mean.

Me:  Well, that’s very sweet of you but you know what?  I’m already married to Daddy.

Four year old:  Yeah, but I mean after he dies.

(Gee… I’m so glad you have all of this all planned out!… At least I know I’ll be well taken care of if I’m ever a widow.)

8 thoughts on “Boyisms

  1. Funny, Liam (4) always says the same thing. He just can’t imagine marrying anyone else. I need to record it so that when he does get married I’ll have it to remind myself he once loved me the most 😉

    Charla’s last blog post..Exercise TWO

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