New friends are wonderful. Aren’t they?

buffalo boys

The only one missing from this photo is my baby who was home with Daddy, taking a nap.

And these new friends are no exception.  Only thing is… they don’t seem like new friends… they seem like old friends.  They are already dear friends, that I know.  They are all boys.  And by that I mean two things… All of them are boys and they are ALL boy.   When our boys are together there is ceaseless talk of heroes, battles, saving the world and what not.  It’s wonderfully refreshing.  And quite loud too. What fun though.  They enjoy themselves with reckless abandon. And as you  might guess, I am always more than happy to have more guinea pigs on which to test my hand at portrait photography.  So that is what we did today and I couldn’t be more happy with the results.

c 5x7 BW

Hboys2 8x10

L5 5x7





w muddy finger 5x7



w2 5x7


c2 5x7

W1 5x7

Hboys1 5x7

L1 5x7

I don’t know why but when I take a round of portraits I seem physically unable to keep from posting less than 20 of them to my blog.  It’s a sickness, I tell you.  A sickness.  And I hope there’s no cure.

13 thoughts on “Friends and Photos

  1. What a fabulous photographer! She ought to be paid the big bucks. Thanks for the buddies, Nan. We had loads of fun (as usual).

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