Do you remember doing this?  I do.

c hill3

c hill2

c hill5

c hill1

I  also remember getting really itchy every time I did it.


hill rolling1

I have to tell you, having a houseful of kids and friends that are more like family is more fun than I can say.  It’s busy… and we are going through a lot of food but, man, are we having fun! Here’s just a little taste of it for ya…

lots of shoes

table kids

FD kids together





12 thoughts on “Good times…

  1. Yes! My kids just did the rolling down the wonderful green grassy hill and ended up in tears (and with strange red markings) after! I have a feeling it won’t stop them from doing it again though 🙂 Looks like your having fun!!! Enjoy!

  2. looks like y’all are having a blast!

    we have friends from another state who come and visit us once a year for about a week. it’s like a giant slumber party! there is nothing like it!

    leah belle’s last blog post..The Gift

  3. Eek! I have no idea how I “stumbled” upon your blog…but I love it! (I am glad however that the shoe pic is not scratch and sniff)

    You have a beautiful family..and I love me some rolling down the hills!


    Kathy- the J Crew’s last blog post..Baby Love

  4. I loved rolling down the grassy hills! Probably one of my alltime favorite things as a kid. I also had to LOL at the pic of all the shoes…my house always looks like that and it’s just me, my sister and megan. haha

    Colleen’s last blog post..“I Stopped Dancing”

  5. Looks like everybody is having such a good time! My stomach was so weak that rolling down hills never ended up well for me, but I did it anyway! I noticed the Dangerous Book for Boys in the background. Abraham enjoys that book as well.

    Ruth’s last blog post..Being Emphatic

  6. we live in the same city….

    which grassy area were you in? I am always trying to find new places to walk.

    Peters is a great place for lunch!

  7. Hi April! Thanks for stopping by! I have a Nikon D700. Just got it in September. Before that I was using my D80 which has now been bequeathed to The Pastor. :^)

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