We’ve been über busy as you may have guessed.  Wonderfully, pleasantly busy.  I could say a hundred million things, all good, about our time with our dear friends but I think I’ll just leave it at, “It was wonderful.”  The weather was positively Summer-like when they were here.  And it has been positively brisky since they left.  This confirms that southern visitors tend to bring and take away nice weather whenever they come onto or leave the scene.  Last Friday it was a wonderful high of about 27° C and this coming Friday it is supposed to be a ridiculous high of +1° C.  Cruelty.  You can expect me to start posting more of my “Life in the Frozen North” pictures fairly soon I believe…. though our friends are somewhat in a state of disbelief since it was just so dang nice when they were here.

Now, onto the babies… Two precious and wonderfully adorable babies.  These were just snapshots I took at a recent church hot dog roast.  I sorta, kinda, accidentally turned it into a bit of a photo shoot.  Forgive me for what I am about to do but when it comes to pictures of adorable babies I have zero self control.

R21 drool


SBear smiles bw


S bear4

R16 best

R17 beauty




s and the hotdog

(baby about to devour a hot dog.)

S Bear 2


S bear 1






R4 cu


And I also can’t resist showing you more pretty fall colors or pictures of our beautiful city…

Calgary Pan

(I totally manipulated this picture above… and not very well either… you can probably tell where I removed a telephone pole or two and you can probably tell that they sky didn’t really look anything like that.)

city sunstar

biker fall

bench fall

trees fall

10 thoughts on “Busyness and Babies

  1. Oh such a lovely city you live in! It is fall here to but today it got up to about 70* F which was just so wonderful for picking apples! The kids ran around while my husband and I picked 8 bags of apples! Anyway..onto the babies…I LOVE BABIES! They make me want more and more! If only I could do that..but no..not for me..three is enough! Thanks for sharing!

    Greta’s last blog post..I am so excited!

  2. Adorable babies and gorgeous scenery! Our leaves have not yet begun to change. (I live in the midwest.) Your outdoor pictures make me wish fall would really settle in here, even though I have an intense dislike for the cold. My husband, however, has been wishing for snow for a month already. He would happily move north. I would happily move south. I show him your “frozen north” pictures and it makes him even more eager to move to a colder climate.

    Heather’s last blog post..Falling

  3. Thank you everyone! :^) I have decided that when I finally do get into this photography business on a more semi-professional basis, I am going to focus on babies, children and couples. In my short experience those are the easiest subjects to always get it right at least half of the time! Big group shots… scare me!!

    Crazy but true, on the weather front, yesterday we got our first “snow.” It was actually gropple (did you know how many kinds of snow there are? Lots!!) but it was white and falling from the sky and it wasn’t hail so we’re calling it our first snow… Thankfully it didn’t stick. I’m just not ready yet… though Heather, I am with your husband… I prefer cold over southern heat/humidity any day (We used to live in Texas!)

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