Some days.

Some days are all good.

Some days are all bad.

And some days, like this day…. some days, if they were printed out on a graph would look like the peaks and troughs on a heart patient’s doppler read out.  Good, bad, up, down, happy, sad… Can I get a little bit of flatlining in here?  Somewhere?  PLEASE!!  I know, I know… flatlining means you’re dead so the ups and downs are a sign of life.  And life is a blessing.

I went from happy this morning, waking up to find something sweet happening over at the blog of my friend… down to bummed when I had a particularly rough time with a reading lesson with one of my sons.  I was feeling pretty raw after that.  Then I was up again when I got online to post about my baby’s birthday this afternoon.  Then I was down again because umm…. well, because this was just not a good day of homeschooling at. all.  Then I was up because one of my sons had to write a greeting card poem for an assignment and this is what he wrote…

B hallmark card

And well… as much as it’s not the most heartwarming thing I’ve ever read, it did make me smile.  And I got up and felt all better.  For a minute.

And then I was down again because someone left the recliner opened out and my baby climbed on it while my back was turned and did a back flip, closing the chair and both his arms in with it (so far it looks like bruises will be the only lasting negative results, thank God!).  Then I was up because I was lovin’ on my sweet baby boy and he told me he loved me and that “my bones are fine but my skin is gone!”  Then he recovered and went to playing happily once again.  So I went to answering a couple of e-mails. Then I was down again because he immediately decided, upon my back being turned toward him once again, that right then was a good time to color his face and arms black with a marker.  Curse markers and their makers.  Crayola and your ilk, I smite thee today!!  Then I washed him off with some baby wipes and he still has black smudges all over his body. Then I was up again because the doorbell rang and it was the neighbour bringing a birthday present which is now occupying all of my children and giving me a moment to reflect on how some days are like heart doppler read-outs.

And I check my pulse.  And I know I’m alive.  But I really didn’t need to check my pulse because all of these ups and downs already told me that.

And is it so wrong that I still want just a wee bit of flatlining sometime today?   Just a smidge?

Can I get an Amen?  Are there any  mothers in the audience today?  Hello?  ((hello))  (((hello)))  ECHO… ((echo)) ((((echo))))

9 thoughts on “Some days…

  1. Nancypants – that is the sweetest gift that you gave to Ree at The Pioneer Woman. I think we all love Nell and can understand Ree’s anguish – what a lovely gift you gave her.

  2. Been moving to another state and have missed the web and your blog. I just got back to your blog today and loved it…I smite the makers of crayola etc too!!!!

    oh, and I loved the Limoges border collie gift. It sounds like you.

    Good Yarns’s last blog post..Some good yarns:

  3. I laughed out loud at the way you describe things. I think that being able to tell your story helps so much with perspective. You are very funny. And some of the Crayola markers are really, really washable. Even off of babies. I found this out recently…:)

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