This morning we had five dentist appointments.  Yes, five at once.  BUT thanks to a bit of a tummy bug starting to make its way around the house, two of us had to cancel.  So my #3 and I stayed home together.  I got a couple of things done and he watched Loony Toons.  It was a nice quiet morning.

But I was sad because I had to miss my baby’s first dentist appointment.  Perhaps we are weird because I like dentist visits as do all of my kids.  I mean, I don’t love the feeling of having my teeth cleaned but I love the wonderfully clean feeling afterwards.  It’s a spa day for the teeth.  Of course I have a different opinion when there are drills involved.  It’s not quite as like unto a spa then.  All of my kids enjoy going to the dentist so why should I have been surprised at how well my baby reportedly did?  Check him out…

c dentist

We have a great dentist and a sweet and gentle hygienist, one of our friends.  I wish The Pastor would have gotten a picture of my baby with his mouth wide open and his sunglasses on.  (They put sunglasses on you so you don’t get sprayed in the eyes or blinded by that overhead spotlight.)  Apparently he was so good about keeping his mouth wide open that she had to tell him it was okay to close it when she left the room.  I like being there for firsts like this but I guess it’s only fair that Daddy gets to be there for some of these things instead of me.

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