As you may know sometimes I like bragging on my kids on this here website.  It’s a mother’s prerogative.  It’s the beauty of owning a blog.  It’s totally shameless.  And I’m about to do it again.

Not too long ago we had some dear friends staying with us.  Among them were four boys.  Among those four boys were a handful who, along with my son, liked making paper airplanes.  They made about 100 paper airplanes that week.  One of their favorite models came out of this book.


I believe it was called The Bulldog Dart.

My son however made a few alterations and the result was something that flies about as fast as a real live rocket.  The first time I saw it fly, it was flying towards me.  And I screamed.  And dove out of the way as it spun like a corkscrew, coming at me at about 50 miles an hour.

As a school assignment I recently asked my boy to write up some instructions on how to make this amazing paper aircraft.  And that is what I’m about to share with you now.  Somehow I doubt that even if I did follow his meticulous instructions mine would go anywhere near as dangerously fast.

plane instructions 2

plane instructions 1

3 thoughts on “Now Presenting: The Hover Dart

  1. Coming back into the blogging world with your post here on paper airplanes is perfect: My son adores making paper airplanes and he just received that dangerous book for his birthday (from me). Usually, I try to listen patiently, without really following, to his explanations of how he made this certain airplane and why it is so cool…now I’ll just have to try your paper airplane assignment.

    Good Yarns’s last blog post..More Books, and Noro Envy Socks

  2. We have an entire book of paper airplane designs! Peter’s brother got it for the boys four years ago. They just love it. I love this assignment, what a good idea!

    Ruth’s last blog post..First Playdate

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