We wait. Mike is unresponsive still. He is scheduled for an MRI this morning. Please continue to pray. We know that over all, God is good and faithful and we are taking comfort in his promises.  I’ve set up a separate blog just for updating people on his condition and how to pray.

12 thoughts on “He is sovereign.

  1. Oh my dear- I have been through this twice in my immediate family. I am so very sorry and hope that no matter what happens you know that your brother loves you so very much. My heart just aches for you. If you need me email me and I will share anything I can to help you and your loved ones. Depression is a cruel disease and so misunderstood. I really was not well informed about what this and reading William Styron’s memoir about his bout with suicidal depression titled Darkness Visible changed my understanding and helped me so much. I am so sorry. God bless you and yours.

  2. so sorry you can’t be down there nan. i’ll be praying for you all during these days of sadness. love you guys.

  3. I’ve been behind on reading my blogs lately, so I’m only now learning of this news. And I am so desperately sorry to read this news. Please know that my prayers are very much with you, your family and Mike.

    Urban Mom’s last blog post..Dear Urban Kid 2

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