Yah, you.  Can you answer this for me?  Have you ever woken up at 4:30 in the morning and had a story forming in your head within about .002 seconds of waking up?  And then could you not go back to sleep because the dang thing kept writing itself inside your brain quite against your will when you really just wanted to be sleeping?  So you finally relented and got up at 4:50 and wrote 13 pages of story before deciding you had to eat something?  And did this just so happen to happen on a morning after a rough second night in a row of insomnia?

It has?

Oh good.  Then I feel normal.

It was a short story.  Only twenty pages… and my font size was maybe 16 so I think it was maybe more like 15 pages.

I’m thinking I may want to get it published.  My son told me to throw together a cover in Photoshop so I obeyed.


6 thoughts on “You writer types…

  1. Nan, my 2005 Nanowrimo Novel was kind of along those lines. It was loosely based on a dream I had on a childhood friend (and that dream was prompted by something my Mom told me on what happened to that friend). I turned it into a 65k word novel!

    Will’s last blog post..Chapter 3 Excerpt

  2. I’ve actually come up with a few good sermons in the middle of the night, believe it or not! (don’t tell your hubby!). I’ve also thought of a cute poem about a boy who doesn’t like breakfast! Pretty funny. had to write that one down! I’m sure I’ll be up a lot in the night during these next nine months. if I think of anything really good, I’ll share! hee hee

    Danielle & Jeff’s last blog post..Sweet Things

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