Just a super friendly reminder…


just an über gentle nudge…


from your three year old pals everywhere….


school is very…




very serious.


Especially when you’re three and working on quadratic equations and honing a fine tuned understanding of Einstein’s theory of relativity.


It’s a very serious business.  Do not trifle with the studiousness of a studious student.


And frankly, this is  far too serious a matter to have our pictures taken while in the midst of it.  Tell your mommies, “Moooom, I’m doing school okay?  I’m doing school and I don’t want my picture taken.” (Like I did.)

Even if she’s all like, “Please??  Pretty please???”

nan green

Say no.  That’s the only way they will realize how serious we are.  Okay people?

Simpletons.  All of you.


4 thoughts on “This is just a friendly reminder…

  1. lol, those are awesome. i have a large collection of my boys working with grim expressions that just shriek “i love homeschooling”. ;^)

  2. I’ve been absolutely amazed by the quality of your photography throughout your recent entries, but these pictures are just so fabulous! What a doll you have!

    And seriously, blown glass at a farmer’s market? Canadian farmer’s markets are clearly a very different thing than those in these parts. Sheesh. Made me wanna go. The color was beautiful.

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