Even though we are up here in Canada, today is still a special day for us.  We celebrate Thanksgiving on American Thanksgiving every other year and on the off years we celebrate at Canadian Thanksgiving day.  This year we had turkey and all the fixin’s with our friends early in October with the rest of Canada.  So today we are celebrating simply by remembering what the first Thanksgiving was like.

My oldest son was instructed to write a short  composition about all he remembers about the first Thanksgiving.  I must say that I am very proud of him as what he wrote came all from his memories of what he has heard several times over while listening to The Story of The World by Susan Wise Bauer and read aloud by Jim Weiss.  This is probably one of the best homeschool purchases I have ever made.  The kids love it and listen to it over and over again, for fun. They have all of the volumes which adds up to… I don’t know… probably close to 150 hours or something like that.  Each volume has 5 or 6 CDs.  Even if you don’t homeschool, The Story of The World, on audio in particular, is an extremely worthwhile purchase that you will not regret.

We decided to take this school project to the next level and make it a short narrated slide show.  We hope you enjoy it as you either wait for your turkey to cook or as you sit, dazed and confused, in a turkey induced malaise.

And here is the written version.


 My 6 year old was instructed to draw a picture or two of the first Thanksgiving so  below is his picture of The Mayflower as well as his picture of a Piligrim and an Indian next to a small house at Plymouth.  He did a great job!

the mayflower t

^The person in the water is poor Mrs. Bradford (wife of William Bradford) who fell over board and drowned. :^( We learned this morning that we have an ancestor who was on The Mayflower who also fell overboard but thankfully was saved.  If he hadn’t been rescued none of us would be here!  I never knew that before this morning.  Thanks Mom for that little piece of family history.  (My mom is a genealogy FREAK… in the good way!)

t thanksgiving2

Next is a picture that my five year old drew of a Pilgrim and an Indian friend next to a tree.  I love that tree.  It’s a perfect lollipop tree don’t you think?

Tr pilgrim indian

4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Howling with laughter here…. “Besides the Indians were professionals.”

    Oh my stinkin’ heck. I could kiss that boy. What a funny kid… I love how he simply gives the respect were respect is due.

    We are on this very same time period right now, I had to time it back in February so that we’d actually reach the First Thanksgiving the actual week of Thanksgiving.

    Here is the (not nearly as respecful) joke my 8 yo tells, becuase he thinks the name ‘Squanto’ is hilarious:

    What do pilgrims do when they hafta go #2?


    Happy Thanksigiving to my favorite ex-pat.

    Darcy at LWM3B’s last blog post..Happy Thanksgiving

  2. Great post. Have you seen homeschoolviewtube.com? It would be a great place to post videos like that.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, from a homeschooling family in Missouri.

  3. That essay is hilarious, and impressive. “Ominous journey”-very nice. And the Indians are “professionals.” Priceless. PRICELESS. Kids are so awesome. We went to Jamestown (the living museum) and my son sees the turkey being roasted on the spit. This is the day after Thanksgiving, mind you. He says,”That looks illegal.” And the pig hanging up, being butchered…”That’s not nice.” I tell you what, I could never do it! As Ree would say,”You can’t HANDLE the pig!” And honestly, I have no desire to handle the pig. EVER. 🙂

    Christina’s last blog post..A Journey Back in Time

  4. Oh my word. That’s hilarious “That looks illegal.” LOLOL How far removed we are from our food nowadays is sometimes quite entertaining. I remember sitting with a family that had a three year old who asked, “Mommy, where does chicken come from?” (as he ate his chicken.) And his Mom said, “Well… they are… chickens….” “CHICKENS?! Real chickens??!!” So funny how he had just not connected the food chicken with the bird chicken! LOL

    I don’t think I could do it either… but then I’ve never been a real pioneer woman. I guess you’ll do anything to survive.

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